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Friday, April 24, 2015

Pawsome Pet of the Week - Jasper the Orange Tabby

Do you believe that pets have healing powers? Today, we introduce a new special Pawsome Pet of the Week - Jasper the Orange Tabby. After interviewing Jasper, I found that he reminds me very much of a nurse... only he is a nurse of the feline kind. Jasper takes care of his humans and fursiblings with a very caring heart.

Jasper is a 14 year old, Domestic Shorthair, orange and white tabby mancat. Jasper used to live outside until he met his mom and dad. Now he lives in the comfort of a nice home in Phoenix, Arizona with his human parents and his two kitty brothers, Trouble and Squirt.

Jasper is the proud owner of a very long tail - the longest tail his mom has ever seen! He also enjoys eating tuna, which is his favorite snack. According to Jasper, whenever his mom makes salad he knows there will be tuna too. Jasper doesn't get straight tuna very often (he doesn't want to upset his tummy) but he does get the extra tuna juice - yum!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Be Kind to the Earth With an Earth Rated Giveaway

This week, we celebrated Earth Day. It's a day to support environmental protection. Earth is the only place we have to live and so we had better be kind to it if we want to keep living here. One easy way to do this is by picking up and properly disposing of your dog's waste.

We've written about it many times before, but dog poop is not fertilizer nor is it good for the Earth. Dog poop is actually an environmental pollutant. Rather than "fertilizing" the grass like some people might think, it actually causes grass to turn yellow by burning it because it's toxic.

One of our favorite products for cleaning up dog poop is Earth Rated. Earth Rated makes dog poop bags and dispensers. They recently sent us some samples of their products, but we've already used them before.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day Photos

Happy Earth Day! For today, I thought I'd simply share some photos I've recently taken that show our beautiful planet and the special life that inhabits it. We've got a lot of wildlife around here where I live, and beauty is all around. 

These are Cardinal eggs that I found while photographing some roses. The Cardinals decided to make their nest in a rose tree. I need to check on them again soon to see if they've hatched yet. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Planting Herbs for Small Pets

Many small pets enjoy eating delicious herbs, including rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and hamsters. Herbs are beneficial and healthy for these pets too! I like to give my pet rats herbs every now and then. Since I have access to fresh herbs year round, it makes it easier.

Since it's Spring and Earth Day is in a few days, I thought I'd share some tips on planting herbs for small pets. Many people are out gardening right now, so why not plant something for your furry little friends to snack on? You can even use the herbs for your own human recipes every now and then, that is if you can get your pet to share with you.

First of all, you are going to need to decide which herbs you want to plant and grow. Many herbs do well indoors, so if you don't have a yard or live in an apartment you'll still be able to manage growing some herbs fairly easy. 

So, what kind of herbs can small mammals eat? Here's a list of a few common ones:
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