Friday, May 20, 2016

#AskYourVet for the IDEXX SDMA Kidney Screening Test and Catch Kidney Disease Early

This post is sponsored by Pet Health Network® and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated to help create awareness for the importance of the IDEXX SDMA™ kidney screening test for pets, but Pawsitively Pets only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Neither Pet Health Network® or IDEXX is responsible for the content of this article.

As pet parents, we want to make sure our pets are happy and healthy. The two go hand in hand, or in this case - paw in paw. One simple step we can take to ensure our pets are healthy is by monitoring their health for disease. By catching disease early on, it is easier to manage and treat.

One disease that is troubling for cats in particular is kidney disease. Kidney disease is a leading cause of suffering and death for cats. Kidney disease in cats is what heart disease is for humans. The problem with this is that there are no visible signs of kidney disease in cats early on, so it's more difficult to know when a cat is sick. Cats are very good at hiding disease as part of their natural defense against predators. As a result, most cats will not show signs of kidney disease until they have already lost most of their kidney function.

Did you know that over 1 in 3 cats will develop kidney disease in their lifetime?
Image courtesy of IDEXX

Did you know that over 1 in 3 cats will develop kidney disease in their lifetime? As a cat grows older, their likelihood of developing kidney disease increases. More than half of cats over the age of 15 are afflicted. Fortunately, there is a new test available that can help detect kidney disease early.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pet Paw-Looza Is Coming! RSVP to Win Big

If you followed Pawsitively Pets last year, you may remember that we participated in Sampler's Pet Paw-Looza. Well, Pet-Pawlooza is back again this year and we'll be joining the fun once again! If you're new to Sampler, don't worry - we have all the details for you.

Pet Paw-Looza takes place May 24th - May 26th. Here's what you can expect during this 3-day event:
  • Enter to win a grand prize gift basket full of prizes when you RSVP.
  • Flash Giveaways on Facebook from several bloggers to win fabulous prizes for your pets.
  • Send and receive free samples of pet products from participating brands.  

Monday, May 16, 2016

Saying Goodbye to Gus

It was just 2 months ago that we said goodbye to one of our pet rats, Jack. Unfortunately, here I am again with more sad news. Now, little Gus has also passed away too. He's flying free with his brother.

Favorite photos of Gus. 

Gus has exhibited some typical signs of old age for several months, but he always astonished me with how well he was able to get around. It seemed like nothing really slowed him down. Gus's passing was somewhat unexpected. I mean, I knew his time was limited because he was elderly but he didn't give me much warning before he passed.

Very late Friday night, I went to give him his late night dinner like I usually do. At first, I couldn't find him in his cage and he didn't come to greet me. I found him nestled up in a corner, picked him up, and put him near his plate of food. He showed absolutely no interest in it, and just laid his head near it. That was quite alarming, because he has always been happy to eat his meals up until this particular moment.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The New House Guest

On Thursday, I shared on social media that we have a new house guest. Her name is Farrah, and she is a Pit Bull Terrier dog. If she looks familiar to some of you, that's because she's made some appearances on the blog before.

Farrah belongs to a family member and due to unfortunate circumstances she can no longer stay with him. It's a long story and I probably shouldn't go into all the details. So, Farrah is staying here for now. I have no idea how long she'll be here. It could be weeks, month, or even years.

The last few days have been somewhat stressful for myself, to say the least. I'm doing an animal shuffle where I move dogs and cats from room to room, trying to keep everyone safe. Farrah is a super friendly and high energy dog. Her tail wags a mile a minute and she's always smiling. She tries to sit in my lap even though she probably weighs 60 pounds. She's great with the kids too and has fun playing with them.
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