Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Petting the Babies

My 2 year old daughter loves her babies, aka the rats that we keep as pets. And that's what she calls them - babies. I ask her - "What are your babies doing?" and she goes to check on them. She loves hanging out by their cage to talk to them and tell them what to do. She's kind of bossy, sometimes.

When I first adopted Jack and Gus, I think Violet scared them a little. She was just so excited and got a little loud. They seem to have adjusted to her just fine now and she doesn't startle them much anymore. Violet is pretty good with them, but she has her moments when those tails are just too tempting to grab hold of. Don't worry, she's always monitored with them just in case.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dumb Reasons Why People Don't #ScoopThatPoop

Each month, we join Sugar the Golden Retriever and Oz the Terrier for the #ScoopThatPoop campaign. Our mission is simple - to encourage dog owners to be responsible and pick up after their canine companions.

There are lots of GOOD reasons why you should pick up your dog's poop and not very many good reasons why you shouldn't. If you aren't aware of the hazards and health risks of dog poop, here's just a few:

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fishing for Dog Food That Supports an Active Lifestyle #NutriencePets

It's no secret that Shiner loves her fish. Eating it, that is. Fish is a good source of protein for dogs that is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and it's great for healthy skin and coat. It gives Shiner the energy she needs to be active as an 11 year old senior dog.

Sure, she likes to be lazy every now and then but Shiner is very active for a senior dog. She loves running in our big open field after rabbits, chasing sticks, and going for walks. If it weren't for the dog, I might even lose my own motivation to be active. She is like a kind of energy for me in herself and encourages me to get outside and do something, even if it's just spending time doing some work in the garden.

Check it out! I'm on a boat and I caught a fish! Who's driving this thing anyways?

Which is why I want to make sure she stays active, healthy, and keeps her energy levels high. One of the best ways I can support Shiner's healthy energy level is by giving her good food.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

July #PetBox Review and Giveaway

As an official PetBox Spokesdoggy, Shiner receives a PetBox each month so that she can test out all the fun products inside and tell our readers about them. She also gets to give away one free month of PetBox to a lucky reader!

As some of you may have read yesterday, it has been very rainy and cloudy here lately. We decided to open our July PetBox on a rainy day for fun. This month's PetBox includes a nice variety of products including treats, a dog tag, cleaning supplies, grooming supplies, and a dog toy. 

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