Monday, September 19, 2016

3 Benefits of Using Furniture Ramps for Your Dog | Royal Ramps Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Royal Ramps. Pawsitively Pets only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. 

As a veterinary technician, I've seen many dogs injure themselves on one of the most common household items - furniture. Furniture related injuries are especially common in small breed dogs, but can happen to any size, age, or breed of dog.

3 Benefits of Using Furniture Ramps for Your Dog
Photo Courtesy of Royal Ramps

The best way to prevent these injuries and help our furry canine friends get around easier is by using furniture ramps or stairs, like Royal Ramps.

How can your dog benefit from using furniture ramps? Take a look.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lucy Pet Foundation Seeks Surfing Dogs in NYC for 2017 Rose Parade Float

Calling all surfing dogs! Lucy Pet Foundation wants YOU to star in their 2017 Rose Parade float! They will be coming through New York City with the first-ever portable wave maker machine searching for the most talented local surfing dogs. Audition winners will appear as canine surfers on the Lucy Pet Foundation 2017 Rose Parade float.

Surf dogs Sully and Coppertone ride the waves on the Gnarly Crank'n K9 Wave Maker. 

The wave maker machine, known as the "Gnarly Crank'n K9 Wave Maker" has made successful appearances at Universal Studios Hollywood, America's Family Pet Expo, and Bark at the Park with the Oakland Athletics and Houston Astros. The wave maker is a 75-foot long tractor trailer filled with 5,000 gallons of water for plenty of surfin' fun.

Local NYC residents can bring their dogs to auditions on Sunday, September 18 from noon to 5 p.m. at the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals "Adoptapalooza" at Union Square Park.

Monday, September 12, 2016

National Guide Dog Month | Natural Balance Honors Human-Canine Teams That Make Us Believe

September is National Guide Dog Month. A Guide Dog is a dog that is trained to lead and assist people who are blind. It is difficult to imagine trying to get around without being able to see anything. Guide Dogs help their humans in so many ways.

To celebrate National Guide Dog Month, I am partnering with Natural Balance and Guide Dogs for the Blind to recognize some amazing top human-canine teams. These nine teams are outstanding examples of the amazing partnerships possible between humans and canines.

Meet Melissa and Camry

Melissa Hudson began to go blind in her late 20s. Being diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at age 3, Melissa was at risk of losing her sight at a very young age. She began to notice that she could not see well during college. As her vision continued to deteriorate, her doctor told her, "Melissa, you need to face the facts, you're going blind." She was only 27 years old. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pet Blooper Reel #9

I can't believe I almost forgot about September's Pet Blooper Reel! Time is going by WAY too fast and it seems to have just crept up on me.

Each month, I share a couple of pet photo bloopers. It can be hard to pick just a few at times because I get so many! This month, the pets have been pretty good so I feel like I didn't have many to choose from. Either that or I got better at taking pictures! Anyways, let's get right to the bloopers starting with Shiner.

We recently reviewed the Pooch Selfie smartphone attachment to help dog parents capture better pictures of their dog. In order for me to get pictures of the product in action, I needed two cameras - my phone (to show how Pooch Selfie works) and my big camera (to capture Pooch Selfie). I also had to employ my daughter to help me.
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