Monday, January 26, 2015

January PetBox Review and Giveaway

It's Shiner's favorite time of the month! When she sees her blue PetBox on the doorstep, she gets excited to see what's inside. I'll admit that I do too. As a PetBox spokesdoggy, Shiner receives a PetBox each month to review and we also get to give one away to a lucky dog or cat.

PetBox is a monthly box subscription for dogs and cats. There are lots of options when ordering a PetBox and prices range from $9.95/month to $59.95/month. There is a plan to meet everyone's budget with PetBox. For even more savings, just use the special code "PAWSITIVELY" at to save 10% OFF your PetBox order.

For our January PetBox, we got lots of tasty treats and chews, a dental health product, a sample of dog food, and a fun toy.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Snapshots on Sunday: Dream

This week's word for the 52 Snapshots of Life Photo Challenge hosted by The Lazy Pit Bull is "Dream". Our photo this week is of Shiner who is daydreaming about chasing and barking at the phone utility man in our yard yesterday.

Shiner kept her daydreams to herself, however and did not bark or attempt to run towards him once while we were out on the deck. Good doggy! 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Pawsome Pet of the Week: Lottie the West Highland Terrier

This week's Pawsome Pet of the Week is Miss Lottie from England. Lottie is an adorable little West Highland Terrier who helps her mom out tremendously! Check out our exclusive interview with this amazingly pawsome pup.

First of all, we had to ask what makes Lottie so "Pawsome". Here's what she had to say - 

"I may not be an official assistance dog but I don’t let that stop me! My mum sometimes needs help with tasks such as picking dropped items off the floor, fetching items and loading and unloading the washing machine. Now you might think that only big breeds can achieve this, but not me! I can help mum with all these tasks and so much more. Not only do I provide her with physical support, mum always knows that my waggy tail is never far away, and a quick cuddle from me is always guaranteed to make her smile. Mum has a really rare genetic condition which together we have helped raise so much awareness of. We can guarantee that over 3000 people know about mums condition all because of me! She will very often have people message her asking for more information which we think is just great."

Thursday, January 22, 2015

6 Pets with Fabulous Facial Hair Share Their Best Beard Maintenance Tips

There isn't much else cuter than a cat with a milk mustache or a dog with a well-groomed beard. There are even lizards out there who are named after their bearded facial features. While they may not technically have fur, Bearded Dragons get their names from scaly protrusions that resemble beards.

But having a well-maintained beard isn't all fun and games... How do these adorable pets keep their facial hair looking so fabulous? Today, six pets share their best facial hair maintenance tips for keeping a marvelous mustache or brilliant beard in tip top shape. 

Lick your beard clean after a meal.

"Though I utilize my beard to savor delicious morsels of food, it is imperative to lick your beard clean before the food morsels dry up.  If you do not, you will most likely be subjected to a thorough beard cleaning which includes water, soap and a comb.  I won't even discuss the wasting of a yummy late night snack; that is for another post." - Oz the Terrier

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