Be Our Guest!

Want to write a guest post for Pawsitively Pets? We'd love to have you! There are just some things you might want to know before writing your post though. Here are the details about guest posting here:

Who can submit a guest post? 

  • Anyone with their own blog. Are you a pet blogger? Great! Not a pet blogger but still want to guest post? That's OK too. I'll accept posts from other niches as well, as long as you have your own blog. 
  • Dogs. Yep... if you're a dog with a blog, feel free to submit a guest post. 
  • Cats welcome! Cats can join the fun too. 
  • We love all species of animals here, so any animal or human with their own blog can submit a guest post. 

What should I write about?

Anything that is pet-related is fine with me. I try to steer clear of controversial topics, but you can always ask before you start writing something. 

What type of posts are not accepted? 

We do not accept guest posts of the following nature:
  • Posts from companies. 
  • Posts from content writers. 
  • Overly promotional posts on products and/or companies. 

These types of posts are considered sponsored posts, for which a fee is charged. See our PR Friendly page for more details.

Send an email to annstaub(at)yahoo(dot)com if you're interested. Thanks! 
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