Thursday, October 18, 2012

Giveaway From Carla's Creatures!

Artwork by Carla Smale
Artwork by Carla Smale
I'm very excited to announce my first contest on Pawsitively Pets! The giveaway prize is from Carla's Creatures Etsy shop owned by artist, Carla Smale. The winner will receive a gorgeous 2.5" by 3.5" trading card sized custom pet portrait. The contest will begin on October 18th and end on October 24th at midnight EST. US, UK, and Canadian contestants only. That gives you one week to get as many entries as possible!

Carla's Creatures is an Etsy store that offers many different sizes of pet portraits, custom greeting cards, trading cards, artist bears, and tye-dye doggy T-shirts. The artwork that Carla produces is beautiful and unique. Now you can have your very own dazzling pet portrait from her store!

Carla's specialty is painting animals. She can paint cats, dogs, birds, fish, reptiles, rodents, and more. If it's an animal she can paint it. She was getting many inquiries from her clients about doing custom paintings of their pets. This is how Carla's Creatures got started. Carla currently works from home full time doing her paintings and crafts. She even has her own blog and website.

You can visit her Etsy store at and her website at

Now let's get started on the contest! You can enter the giveaway below. Be sure to share with your friends.  Best wishes and good luck to everyone! <3
Artwork by Carla Smale

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  1. We saw a Corgi portrait that was super cute! We wish we could be in the same portrait together ;w;

    Pudding & Parfait

  2. We managed to find you. Sorry new to blogpaws and just finding our way around. We have joined. Have a great Thursday and see you next post.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. OMG I just LOVE her work! I had "favorited" her on Etsy right when I began reading this! I saw a gray tabby on her Etsy page that I love!

    cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

  4. They are all beautiful, but I like the print of the 3 boston terriers the best.

  5. Oh, I love all the animal portraits! How special :)

  6. I loved the "ACEO OOAK Original Canvas Magnet Pied French Bulldog Dog Art-Carla Smale"!! So so cute although I'm a pomeranian person!

  7. Wow, nice work! I bet Disco wouldn't mind his portrait painted, although our miniature schnauzer might be a bit envious.

  8. I saw your giveaway on Blogpaws so came to check it out. I love the paintings so have entered the contest.

    Garth Riley

    p.s. - I'm also hosting a giveaway:

  9. I like the German Shepard and Collie. But I must confess disappointed in not seeing a Pomeranian. That's what I own and I think they are Beautiful:)
    Kathleen QUinlan

    1. Lots of pomeranian lovers out there. You are the second person I've seen comment about that =)

  10. I love them all!! I think the parrot one it my favourite though.. or maybe the frog.. I'm not sure!
    Great giveaway!

  11. This is SO cool!!!!
    I just love her fun.
    We'd absolutely love to win! : )
    Glogirly & Katie

    glogirly (at) visi (dot) com

  12. I absolutely love all the pet portraits but I am leaning toward the ferret pet paintings as the best.

  13. Beautiful work! I'm happy to have found this site.

  14. All of the portraits are wonderful! My favorite is the green budgie, looks just like my Loki.

  15. Hi Ann
    It was very very nice to meet you and we thank you for stopping by to say hi to use.
    Welcome to blogville! Your blog is very pretty.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  16. I like the Portrait of Jezabel...cute cat.

  17. Thanks for your comment on my blog, and entering the contest! I like the black lab puppy the best. Nice portraits.


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