Friday, October 26, 2012

Interview With Maggie: The Kitten With No Eyelids

Recently, I met a sweet little kitten named Maggie through Facebook. Maggie was rescued by her humans from a dumpster. Poor thing! Her humans soon discovered that she had no eyelids. In my interview, Maggie explains what life is like for her now. She dreams of having new eyelids one day.

Meet Maggie - The Kitten With No Eyelids


How did your humans find you?


Maggie at her mom's work
My mom works at a very busy Veterinary Clinic that also has a rescue program. One of our vet assistant's boyfriend found me in a dumpster behind his work. I was covered in Maggots which is why I is sometimes lovingly referred to as "Maggot". I was bottle fed by that vet assistant until I could eat on my own. That is when I came to live at my house now.

What did your humans think when they found out you had no eyelids?


They wondered at first if it was just a really bad eye infection because there was a lot of crust and goop. However, once that was cleaned off, Dr. Meyer saw that I was simply born without them! They weren't sure if I was going to make it, but they treated my eye infection and got me through it! Once I am 6 lbs, I can have surgery to re-create eye lid.

Where did all the laundry go?

What is life without eyelids like for you?


I don't think it makes me much different than other kitties. My mom and dad put lubricating ointment in my eyes at least 3 times a day. It makes my eyes feel wonderful because I sit very nicely for it. I sleep a lot like every other cat and even though my eyes aren't closed all the way it doesn't bother me!

Do you live with any other animal friends?


2 Crested geckos, 2 fat tailed geckos and a Russian tortoise. My dog friends are very nice to me and I love to sleep on their backs. I also love sleeping with the tortoise and watching the geckos play in their terrarium.

Maggie and her friend Peaches the Russian Tortoise

What are your hobbies?


I love climbing my cat tree, sitting in the window watching the squirrels, running around like a maniac, and playing with the little squeaky mouse toys my mom gets me!

What is your favorite food or snack?


I love to steal crackers from my mom and dad. Whenever they have them out, I always try to steal them. I also love the Whisker Lickin' treats I get after I get my eye goop!

What is your favorite thing to do with your humans?


I love napping with my dad. Mom laughs at us because I purr very loudly and my dad snores very loudly! I also love chewing on my moms hair while she works on her computer!

Maggie modeling her Halloween dress
All photos are courtesy of Maggie's Mom, Devan


  1. Great interview there and all round nice post. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Lots of things I did not know about Miss Maggie!! : )

  3. It was nice to get to know you Maggie. We hope you get to have your surgery soon. Hailey and Phod

  4. Maggie sure is a miracle kitty

  5. Hi Maggie, I am Sasha. My pal Cotton told me about you. I was hoping we could be pals too. Please come and visit anytime. You have a very sad story, but I am glad you have a nice place now and are safe. I will cross my paws that you can get your eyelids fixed very soon. You know what??? I have that same Halloween dress.

    Loveys Sasha

  6. What a sweety! Did she ever get her surgery?


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