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Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gift Boxes for Dogs #SayitwithMilkBone #MilkBoneLove

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Valentine's Day is a special day where we show our appreciation and love for the ones we care about. I was excited to be chosen to work on the #SayitwithMilkBone Valentine's Day campaign because I just knew it was going to be lots of fun creating something extra special for my dog. Milk-Bones have always been a favorite for my childhood dogs and Shiner loves them too.

Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gift Boxes for Dogs #SayitwithMilkBone

This craft is so easy and versatile that it makes a great project to involve your kids in. My daughter had a fun time helping me decorate the dog's Valentine's Day gift boxes. When we were all done, we filled them with Milk-Bone biscuits. Shiner will be in for a real treat on February 14th! Although, she's already indulged herself with a few of the Milk-bone biscuits already.

Here are the materials we used for our Valentine's Day dog gift boxes:
  • Brown cardboard boxes and 1 cardboard cylinder from the craft store
  • Glitter spray paint
  • Felt stickers; dogs and hearts
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Milk-Bone dog biscuits
Valentine's Day Dog Crafts #MilkBoneLove

I have always wanted to use glitter spray paint, and just never had a reason to. So, that's why I chose to use sparkly pink glitter spray paint for this DIY project. I took my cardboard boxes outside and sprayed them with the spray paint. I left the lids on because I didn't want to get any paint inside of the boxes where I was going to put the Milk-Bone biscuits. I let the boxes dry for a few hours and brought them inside overnight. 

The next day, my daughter and I were ready to get creative and decorate our now sparkly cardboard boxes. I found some really cute felt animal stickers at the craft store for this project. I was also able to find some dog-themed ribbons at the store. One roll of ribbon has paw prints and the other says "bow-wow" inside of a dog bone. Just look around your local craft store and see what you can find!

Create a Valentine's Day Gift Box for Your Dog #SayitwithMilkBone

We glued the ribbons as straight as possible around the lids of our cardboard containers. I decided to tie one box with ribbon for a different look. Again, get creative! There is no end to the possibilities of what you can create with this craft. 

After we glued on our ribbons, we added some of the felt stickers for more decoration. And the most important step - add Milk-Bone dog biscuits inside and share with your best furry friends! 

Give me some #MilkBoneLove!

I'll be using these boxes again next year. I may even display them year round because they are just so cute!  

For Valentine's Day, Milk-Bone has some fun contests going on. Pick up specially marked boxes of Milk-Bone biscuits at the store and you might find a special red dog bone that says "LOVE" on it. Even if you don't find the red Milk-Bone, you can still enter to win a year's supply of Milk-Bone biscuits plus $1000 here

#SayitwithMilkBone Valentine's Day Contest

We had a lot of fun with this project and hope it will inspire you to do something extra special and fun for your pup this Valentine's Day!


  1. You and your daughter did a great job on those boxes! They're beautiful! How fun to have a craft that benefits dogs and you can get your kids involved.

  2. PAWsome! Glitter boxes too. Creating gifts for your dog is a FUN kids activity. Golden Woofs

  3. ADORABLE!!!
    Even us KITTIES would love to get one of those gift boxes.
    ; )

    1. There were some really cute kitty stickers in the package too! You can't see them though because they are in the back.

  4. That would be yummy for woofies on any holiday!

  5. That is such a brilliant fun idea and they look great. What a fun thing to do. Have a serene Sunday and make time for some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Fabulous ideas Ann! I especially love that Shiner pic. Shes too dang cute!

  7. What nifty ideas - you could use this same concept for all sorts of occasions I bet. Easter is on it's way, then there's birthdays, etc... Thanks for the tip Ann - loved it

    1. Yep! You're definitely right. Cute idea for all occasions :) Thanks!

  8. Those are all so cute! I can't remember ever NOT having MilkBones in our house. Congratulations on being chosen to participate in this program!

    1. Thank you! They are such a commodity, aren't they?

  9. Very cute! I have never tried it glitter spray paint, but it looks great. I bet your daughter is very proud of these, they are adorable!

    1. Thank you Beth! I really liked the glitter spray paint and just knew that I wanted to use it. My daughter loves this sort of stuff.

  10. These are cute! I bet your daughter had a blast making these!

  11. Hey,I swear my dog was looking over my shoulder at your post and intuition to herself,why doesn't my holder do that for ME?!See what you've done… lol!!
    @Ashley Howard.


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