Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pawsome Pet of the Week - Luna the Beagle

Our featured Pawsome Pet of the Week is Luna the Beagle! Luna is a girl Beagle who was found wandering on the side of the road in Virginia. Thankfully, she was rescued and her Mom found her at an adoption event. Luna isn't sure of her age, but she thinks she's around 4 years old.

"My name is Luna and even though everyone always thinks I'm a boy, I am really a girl dog. Maybe it's because I don't like pink or really girly things. I'd rather wear red, purple, or green and roll in the mud than wear a dress! I don't really know what breed I am, but I keep hearing things about Beagles.

I was rescued from the wilderness and now live in an apartment. It's on the top floor so I love laying on the cushions and looking out the window. Sometimes I'm even higher than the birds! Don't tell mom though. I'm not allowed to lay there!"
Our dog feels your pain with the gender issues, Luna! She is also often mistaken for a boy too. It's a good thing Luna was rescued from the scary wilderness. Now, she has a chance to let her pawsome-ness shine through with her new family.

"I'm super cute and cuddly, so you can snuggle me if you're feeling blue. I'm also really smart, so I can learn tricks and understand commands. Of course, this doesn't mean I always listen to them! My parents also say I make the best noises like when I groan at them for talking too loud while I'm trying to sleep. So rude!"

Luna has several activities that she enjoys and her Mom says that she "loves doing pretty much anything". Luna's top 3 favorite activities include "eating, sleeping, and running around outside with her nose to the ground". Luna loves all foods, but she does have a few that are her favorites -

"I love cheese and bananas and sweet potatoes and peanut butter. I also love bread but I'm not allowed to eat it! Oh and PIZZZAAA!"
Luna's Mom says that her favorite thing about her dog is her "spunky personality". Luna's favorite thing about herself?

"My ravishing good looks of course!"

I can't disagree with her. Luna is adorable and beautiful! Luna sometimes visits the dog park, but admits she can be a little awkward and shy at first.

"I'm the most awkward dog at the dog park (at least at first). I like to spend the first 20 minutes sniffing the perimeter and avoiding eye contact with the other dogs. I have to make sure everyone can be trusted! Then after I build up my courage, I zoooom! This usually ends with 17 dogs chasing me!"
I see nothing wrong with that, Luna. You know what they say, after all - "Stranger Danger". A ravishingly good looking girl like yourself can never be too careful around strange dogs.

Luna has her own blog, Beagles and Bargains, that she shares with her Mom. She's also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Stop by and give her a big hello!

We'll see you next week for another Pawsome Pet of the Week! 


  1. Luna sure is a pretty gal and such a fun one too!

  2. Cute post about a cute pup. I like Luna’s choice of favorite foods.

  3. Such a cutie! I am so glad she was rescued.

  4. We love Luna she is one of my first blog pals! We have a LOT in common too. Love Dolly


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