Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Easy Transition to a Raw Food Diet for Dogs With Bravo Pet Foods

For the past few weeks, Shiner has been eating Bravo Homestyle Complete Dinner for Dogs. The food is a freeze-dried raw diet for dogs and all you have to do is add water to re-hydrate it. Feeding a raw diet to Shiner is something I have thought about, but never tried before. If you missed our introduction to Bravo Pet Foods, you can read it here.

I was skeptical about trying a raw diet with her for a few reasons:

  • I want to make sure her diet is nutritionally complete and I don't trust myself to formulate a homemade diet for her. 
  • I thought it might be time consuming. 
  • I have no freezer space. 
  • I was worried that a raw diet could get messy in the house. 
  • Cost concerns. 
I realize that many other pet parents probably have similar worries about transitioning to a raw food diet as well. All of these concerns vanished when I found a freeze-dried raw food diet for dogs from Bravo Pet Foods. This food makes the transition super easy. Bravo Homestyle Complete Dinners for Dogs are available in three proteins - Beef, Turkey, and Pork. I started Shiner off with Turkey, and we will switch to Pork soon.

Bravo's freeze-dried raw diets for dogs offer both nutrition and convenience. I don't have to worry about Shiner's diet being complete - the experts have taken care of that for me. I don't need any freezer space to store Shiner's food because it can be stored on the shelf. The food is not messy. 

There is an increase in cost versus a dry kibble, but that may be well worth it in the end. Preparing Shiner's meals takes a little more time and effort than before, but it's not that difficult and definitely not time consuming. Here's a video I made showing how easy it is to prepare Bravo Homestyle Complete dog food. 

So far, her transition to a raw food diet is going very well. She hasn't experienced any sort of tummy upset and is so excited to eat her meals. The hardest part about eating this food seems to be the 15-20 minute wait for it to re-hydrate. Shiner gets a little impatient! I'll share an update on her progress and any changes I've noticed at a later date. 

What I've Learned About Raw Feeding

Of course, I am trying to educate myself about my dog's new diet. I am learning new things all the time as a beginner. First and foremost, I want to make sure I am handling the food safely. I clean Shiner's food bowl after each meal with soap and water. I try to handle her food as I would if I were handling raw meat to cook my own dinner with. 

I also learned how to transition my dog from a dry kibble diet to a raw food diet. It takes about 7-10 days to make a full transition. Transitioning to raw food is just like any other diet change with dogs. You just gradually add a little bit of the raw food to your dog's diet each day while phasing out the old food until they are only eating raw food. Afterwards, you can slowly add new protein sources to your dog's diet.

Bravo has an excellent guide for Beginners available to download here

You can find Bravo Homestyle Complete Dinners for dogs online and at pet retailers. Here's a helpful store locator tool to help you find a retailer. 

Has your dog tried Bravo Pet Foods before? If not, do you think they would like to?

We have received free products from Bravo Pet Foods in exchange for this blog post. 


  1. that was great to watch the video... how easy we can prepare dogfood... I would give it a try, if we had it on our side of the pond... it was exhausting today to spend two hours in the kitchen to prepare dogfood :o)

  2. Thank you for the review on Bravo. Schooner & Skipper eat raw. Bravo sounds like it would be easy to take when traveling. I am going to buy a small bag and try it. I love Shiner face....and his expressions!

  3. shiner........pork roast !!!! now yur talkin good eatz !!! best fishes two ewe on yur total tranzitionz & manee thanx two yur mom for de post bout Glandex; de food serviss gurl getted sum for me.....{ tuna } itza powder form for her haz ta hide it in my foodz reel lee well..........hope full lee it does de trix !!

    heerz two a pie filled, BURD FREE, happee blessed day ♥♥♥

  4. How great that Shiner's taking so well to the raw diet! Bravo sure does make it easier. :)

  5. Mr. N has tried the Bravo treats before but not their food. It's great that she loves it!

  6. It sounds like you did everything right. Mom has the same concerns as you and says we will never have a raw diet. But Bravo sure does make it simple and easy to try and do. Love Dolly


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