Thursday, July 14, 2016

Best Claw Machine Prize Ever... Puppies!

Can you imagine walking past a claw machine and seeing that the prize inside is none other than a pair of adorable puppies? Take my money right now!

Don't worry, these cuties are just having a good time. All You Can Arcade Co-Founder Seth Peterson thought this would make for a fantastic photo opportunity. I think he's right. If I had a claw machine handy, I might just have done the same thing. Plus, it looks like the golden retriever puppies are having a fine time with all those plush toys. 
"Why did we decide to do it? Part of it was good timing. We normally specialize in classic arcade games only, but picked up the claw machine as part of a larger acquisition and needed photos to resell it. Since my brother (and fellow Co-founder, Tim Peterson) and I just got a pair of adorable golden retriever puppies, we thought it would be a good photo op that people would enjoy."

Unfortunately, there are apparently a couple of flaws with having puppies in your claw machine.
"The only two problems with our business model so far is that they'll shred the other plushies into pure cotton if you let them and every time you call to them they jump down the prize shoot without you even having to put a quarter in."

Photos submitted with permission to publish on Pawsitively Pets by Seth Peterson, Co-founder and CEO of All You Can Arcade. You can view all of the photos on their Flickr stream HERE.


  1. Now that was a great photo op! Made me smile - in fact, I'm still smiling...

  2. That would have been a like a dream come true for me as a kid; I loved nothing more than puppies & arcade games. Who am I really kidding though? That's still a dream come true many years later lol.

  3. What a cute photo ! Plush shredding is, well... a collateral damage MOL ! Purrs

  4. So adorable!! And what a great idea!

  5. That is SO adorable! I would spend all my money, for sure.


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