Friday, July 8, 2016

Pet Blooper Reel #7

It's that time again! Each month, we share a few photo bloopers of the pets. I try to publish nice quality photos on the blog, but not all of them turn out that great. It takes a lot of work to get the perfect picture sometimes.

With two new pets around the house (Roadside and Farrah), I have new photo taking challenges. Each pet has their own quirks when it comes to taking their pictures and it takes a while to learn what works and what doesn't.

Roadside is quite the high energy little fellow. He doesn't sit still for long and he's not into posing next to things. I tried to take a picture of him next to a packaged cat toy and that didn't work out at all. He was in a playful mood and just wanted to attack it and run around. Also, Shiner wanted to be included so she stuck her snout in the middle of things too.

I wanted to get a nice picture of Callie posing next to some of the gifts that blog friends A Tonk's Tail and Lola the Rescued Cat gave me during BlogPaws. This was all I got before she ran off.

For those of you wondering about Farrah, she is still around. She does not live in the barn, but does go there during the nursery business hours. She is able to live with her human (my brother) again. But, he mostly lives at my house now.

Yesterday, I went to bring her some treats and thought I'd take a pic. She's hard to take pictures of though because she doesn't hold still for very long. My pictures turned out blurry of course! Also, I'm not sure why it's so small.

And last but not least, Shiner's blooper. Shiner has been enjoying sampling all the goodies from our BlogPaws swag bag. We got a whole package of Jones Natural Chews Rocky Rollers sausages. Shiner loves these things and they didn't last long. I took some burst shots, so maybe I can make a GIF with them one day. Otherwise, they are just too blurry on their own.

As usual, I hope you enjoyed all the bloopers! Please stop by again next month for another round!


  1. Roadside is so cute! Too bad he won't sit still... but that's the Kitten Dichotomy.

  2. Those are some blurry bloopers for sure! Shiner takes the best one but trying to take a picture of a kitten posing still has to be impossible! Love Dolly

  3. Fast moving photos take a lot of practice to capture. Roadside is adorable, though, even as a blur!

  4. You sure that's not a Twizzler in the last pic? HAH! The more pets, the funnier the bloopers.

  5. have a variety of silly bloopers. Focus, schmokus, who needs it. MOL

  6. Those are such fun bloopers! Thanks for making us smile. :)

  7. Sometimes it seems like they never stop moving, doesn't it? :)

  8. So adorable! I love how you care of your dog. I have a dog too. Her name is Lucy. But it hard to take her picture. She never focus to the camera. Love your picture.

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