Monday, June 5, 2017

8 DIY Dog Toy Projects to Keep Your Dog Busy This Summer

It's Summer time! Many of you will likely be looking to have some fun with your dogs. Why not try some DIY craft time together that both of you can enjoy? If you're into DIY and crafts, you'll have a good time and after your project is finished your dog will be elated.

If you have human kids, these DIY dog toy projects will keep them busy too. It's a perfect way to keep everyone entertained this Summer!

1. No Sew Dog Toys

Photo Courtesy of Beagles and Bargains

Not good with a needle and thread? No worries! These No Sew Dog Toys from Beagles and Bargains are super easy to put together. Perfect DIY project for your human kids. Plus, they could end up costing you $0 if you have the supplies already. 

2. DIY Dog Treat Dispenser

Photo by Alice G Patterson

This DIY Dog Treat Dispenser by Daily Dog Tag is brilliant! Excellent for keeping your dog entertained for inside play time. Or bring it outside for some fun in the yard. The supplies are inexpensive and this one is actually made from a chicken nesting box.

3. Restuffable Dog Toy

Photo Courtesy of Kol's Notes

Does your dog want nothing more than to pull the "guts" out of stuffed plush dog toys? If so, then this DIY Restuffable Dog Toy by Kol's Notes is just what they need. Don't toss that flimsy, empty plush dog toy out. Re-purpose into a dog toy that they can enjoy playing with time and time again. 

4. Tennis Ball Cupcakes Dog Game

This DIY cupcakes dog game by Golden Woofs is a brilliant idea for keeping your dog stimulated this Summer! It's likely that you already have the items necessary for this game at home, so it's super inexpensive to put together. 

5. DIY Canine Cavaletti

Photo courtesy of Life With Mutts

Looking for more outdoor adventures and fun? Perhaps you want to dip your paws into a little bit of agility? This DIY Dog Cavaletti by Life With Mutts is easy and cheap to make. Debbie used this for post-operative rehab and muscle building purposes for her dog, but according to her there are many different ways to use these. She recommends researching how to use and set them up first. 

6. DIY Toy Donuts for Dogs

Photo Courtesy of The Lazy Pit Bull

Everyone loves donuts and now dogs can enjoy them too! Not only are these DIY toy donuts for dogs by The Lazy Pit Bull absolutely adorable, but they are fun and easy to make. They are almost too cute to be dog toys!

7. Braided Fleece Tug Toy 

Photo Courtesy of The Rock 'N' Roll Dog

This braided fleece tug toy by The Rock 'N' Roll Dog is probably one of the easiest DIY dog toys you could ever make. Get your kids involved and start braiding! This DIY dog toy project is also a great idea for getting involved in your community. Make a few extra braided fleece tug toys and drop them off at your local shelter. 

8. DIY Squeaky Bone Dog Toy

If you have basic sewing skills and knowledge, this DIY squeaky bone dog toy from ErinsAnimals is fairly simple to put together. If your dog is into toys that squeak, this project is just right for them. An excellent craft for both adults and older kids. 

Remember to supervise your dogs during play! All toys may not be perfect for every dog. You know your dog best so use good judgment when selecting toys and activities for them to enjoy. 

Have a FUN play time and enjoy your summer! 


  1. Thanks for sharing our DIY donut toys! We're going to be trying some of these other projects this summer!

    1. And thanks to you for allowing me to share!

  2. Those are great ideas for someone that enjoys making their own things! Mom figures by the time she made something it would have been cheaper to buy it considering her time and all! Love Dolly

  3. These are awesome, Ann! Thanks for sharing!

    Bren @ Pibbles and Me

  4. Those a pawsome ideas for dog owners ! Purrs

  5. no sew dog toy are the best. Golden Thanks for sharing our cupcake game. It's SUGAR's favorite game. Golden Woofs

  6. I like having all the ideas in one place! my favorites are the dog treat dispenser and the restuffable toy.


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