Thursday, October 11, 2012

A New Internet Trend: Dog Shaming

Photo: Pretty Poo Eater
Lately, you may have been browsing Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter and noticed a funny picture of a cute dog with a sign hanging from his neck that reads "I threw up in my mom's shoes.... twice!" The dog has one of those pathetic looks on his face. You know, the kind of look that your dog gives you when they know they did something bad. The look of shame. The convicted criminal is posing next to a shredded couch cushion or several destroyed rolls of toilet paper. These pictures of people's pooches have probably caught your attention and even made you smile or laugh. It's called "dog shaming".

There are several dog shaming sites out there. Some examples include,, and Why is dog shaming so funny to people though? My theory is that all of our pets do things that make us mad. Things like eat our socks, pee on the floor, chew on our favorite pair of shoes, etc. Maybe knowing that other people's pets do things that are even more ridiculous than our own pets gives us a sense of relief.

I personally find most of the dog shaming pictures hilarious. What is your opinion of dog shaming? I would love to see your dog shaming photos or shaming pictures of your other pets! What is your favorite dog shaming photo? Please share!


  1. They've started catshaming ones too! Shame on humans!!

    Pudding & Parfait
    <a href="></a>

  2. You kitties might enjoy a site I recently came across titled "Human Shaming". Thanks for reading!


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