Friday, November 2, 2012

Five Famous Felines

Yay! It's Feline Friday again! I know all my furry kitty friends are very excited. To celebrate, here's a list of  my top five favorite famous felines from Hollywood. Wow... try saying that a couple of times really fast. Who is your favorite famous feline?

#5 - Garfield

Garfield is an overweight, lasagna loving orange tabby. Everyone loves a plump orange tabby. I once had a cat named Garfield that I named after this famous cartoon kitty. Odie the dog and Garfield live with their owner, Jon. Garfield hates Mondays, diets, and spiders. He admires himself more than anyone.

Garfield the Cat


#4 - The Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat is famous for his big grin and psychadelic colors. He starred in the Disney Movie "Alice In Wonderland". He's one of my favorite Hollywood kitties because he's quirky and he can do some pretty cool tricks. He's also purple - which is my favorite color.

The Cheshire Cat

#3 - Lucifer

In Cinderella, the evil stepmother and stepsisters own an equally evil cat named Lucifer. He's a menacing kitty. He's always out to make Cinderella's life harder by dirtying her floors and trying to eat her mice friends. I have a thing for mischievous cats so that's why Lucifer has made it onto my list. Unfortunately, Lucifer does not have a very happy ending in the movie.

Lucifer the Cat

#2 - Maru

Maru is a famous Youtube kitty. He is a Scottish Fold from Japan. When I first watched his videos, I fell in love! He does a number of silly things - including slip-n-slide through box tunnels that are entirely too small for him. He loves boxes! He is simply adorable. If you have never seen Maru, you are in for a real treat! Once you watch one video you just can't stop!

#1 - Sassy the Cat

Sassy the Himalayan from the movie "Homeward Bound" makes #1 on my list. She has to live outside her comfort zone for a little while with 2 slobbery dogs in the wilderness. They are lost and finally make their way back home after an adventure filled journey. Of course, with Sassy's kitty intelligence the trio is able to make it back to their humans safely.

Sassy and her dogs in "Homeward Bound"


  1. Have a fabulous feline Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. All cats should be famous. Bagheera and Cinder (aka Baggy and Nin, Lee and Phod's cats).

  3. so glad you have two of my favorites there! Garfield would have to be my number one fave, also LOVE the Cheshire cat. Maru? I am gonna have a lot of people angry with me but I am SICK of Maru.....OVER KILL!

    Ohhh let's not forget Henri who won the Minnesota cat him!

    1. Haha yea there are so many great ones. Was surprised that most famous cats seem to be cartoons. Thanks for reading and sharing. Glad you enjoyed!

  4. I love all of them except your number one! MOL As I can't deal with animals in danger, even scripted danger, I never saw Homeward bound so I didnt have to imagine what really could happen! But I do think it's a beautiful kitty! So I'd probably replace that one with the black panther in Jungle Book! Or Cleo from Pinokio! MOL

    1. How could I forget about the Pinocchio kitty! Pinocchio was my favorite Disney movie as a kid. Thanks for reading!

  5. OMG i remember Sassy!!! I havent watched homeward bound in years! We only have it on a video and there are no longer any video players in the house! :D Great postxx

  6. I love Maru! He makes me giggle with all his crazy antics. And he has a nice face. I think he would like dogs. I have encouraged my kitties to get to know Maru so maybe they will start to imitate him :)


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