Saturday, November 24, 2012

Unique Holiday Stocking Stuffers You'll Love

I am a person who loves to receive unique gifts for Christmas. Gift cards are great, but there is something about them that seems so impersonal. I like it when I receive a gift that surprises me. I've come up with a list of unique holiday stocking stuffers that you'll love. I've come across all of these stores over the past few weeks while browsing the internet. These nick-knacks aren't something that you'll find on the shelves of major retail stores, which is another reason why I love them. There are plenty of items on the list to please almost any animal lover out there. Today is Small Business Saturday as well, so why not help support them?

1. Antiqued Silver Owl Charm Necklace
Store - Hand Made Bling
Price - $15.99
This stylish owl necklace also comes gift wrapped, saving you some time. Hand Made Bling has other beautiful handmade vintage style jewelry at affordable prices.

2. I Heart My Dog Bumper Sticker
Store - DogsIncorporated
Price - $5.00
Dogs Incorporated has adorable prints for bumper stickers, coffee mugs, canvas, magnets, and more. The prints are absolutely adorable and a wide variety of breeds and themes are available for purchase. These would make the perfect stocking stuffer for any dog lover!

3. Engraved Pit Bull Mom Heart Pendant Bracelet
Store - Personalized Metals
Price - $12.50
Show off some love for your dog with one of these super cute bracelets. All different breeds are available with lots of different options and cool products. Maybe you'd prefer a necklace or key chain? No problem, Personalized Metals has a ton of different items to chose from.

4. Woodland Magnets
Store - Karma Kiss
Price - $3.14
These magnets are just adorable and fun, especially for kids. Karma Kiss has an awesome selection of random nick-knacks on their website. A lot of the items would make great stocking stuffers for children.

5. Little Opossum Pendant
Store - Holly Rocks
Price - $10.00
The items at Holly Rocks are hand-sculpted. I love this Opossum pendant! It's so cute! They also have other really cute miniature hand-sculpted figurines and jewelry. Don't care for possums? Maybe you'd prefer cupcakes, acorns, mushrooms, or squirrels. All miniature sized and the perfect fit for a stocking.

6. Mustache Kitty Ladies Tee
Store - Glogirly Gifts
Price - $27.95
The graphic on this awesome shirt was designed by Glogirly Design and inspired by none other than the famous Katie the Cat. I absolutely adore this shirt! Katie's fans can find a number of other spiffy gifts at Glogirly Gifts too. Coffee mugs, greeting cards, playing cards, and tote bags just to name a few.

7. Christmas Santa Pug Dog Art Postcards by Carla Smale
Store - Carla's Creatures
Price - $10.00 (for 5)
Need to send a thoughtful thank you to a friend this holiday season? Get some original artwork printed on a postcard. Save paper by skipping the envelope too. You could even opt to get a custom portrait of one of your loved one's pets done.

8. Me + My Dog - Are Best Friends Bracelet
Store - Toby and Max Jewelry
Price - $139.00
A beautiful message worn for the world to see. Toby and Max Jewelry has a lot of other amazing jewelry pieces with some wonderful messages for dog lovers. This is a stocking stuffer that is sure to please.


  1. Awesome holiday gifts! Thanks for telling us about them.
    Hope you have a "Mewy Christamas!"

  2. We hadz to LOL ('scuse me MOL!) at Glogirly's moustache t! We don't haz stockings, but we haz EIGHT nights of Chanukah (WOOT!) and we can't wait to pawty!

    1. I love that shirt! 8 nights of partying sounds like a blast!

  3. Hi Ann. Have you checked out the Nipclub Bazaar? I'm going to be blogging about it next week. It's an online village of anipal shops that have unique gifts for pet lovers.

  4. Cool suggestions and thanks

    Loveys Sasha

  5. Aren't you just a huge sweetheart!!!
    Thank you so much for featuring our Mustache Kitty Tee! It's a brand new design that we're really excited about!
    Katie & Glogirly

  6. Those are great gift ideas! I love the bumper sticker and pitbull jewelry :-) We went to downtown this afternoon and supported Small Business Saturday, very important because those are our friends and neighbors who need support during the Holidays :-)

  7. A great list Ann,I'm with you on this a gift doesn't have to cost a lot its the time it takes to find something quirky that the person receiving it will just love

  8. Those are some mighty good thoughts. Thanks for telling us about them. Have a great day.

  9. Thanks so much for featuring my opossum! I'll definitely be checking out these items because you've put together some fabulous ideas. Happy holidays!

    1. No problem Holly, it's really cute! My mother loves possums... Thanks for stopping by!


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