Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's Mail Time!

I've been getting some really awesome things in the mail lately, which I wanted to share with everyone. I love getting mail, with the exception of bills that is... Anyways, this is fun mail!

The first piece of mail I got was from Christina at Peace, Love, & Whiskers. Christina is a wonderful person and has been very helpful in my blogging endeavors. She is probably one of the first blogging friends that I made. Peace, Love, & Whiskers is a blog where Christina interviews animals of all kinds. You should definitely go and visit her blog. She also did a guest blog post on Pawsitively Pets about helping animals in need for free. Click her to read her article. Here is a picture of the card she sent me.

Thank you Christina!

 As you all probably know, Pam & Oskar over at Pet Blogs United just got done hosting their amazing "Holiday Happenings" event. They had giveaways galore! I joined some of the giveaways and actually won something and I love it!!! It's a coin purse from Triple T Studios with an adorable cat print fabric. I want to thank both parties for the amazing prize, which I have decided to give to Lily as a Christmas gift.

Thanks Pam, Oskar, & Gracey!
I also got a very sweet e-card from my pals Mollie & Alfie. I'm not sure how to take a screen shot on my computer or else I would show you. I got to help some cute little critters build a snowman! Lily enjoyed it. Thanks guys, you're very kind! Here's the Christmas card they made for all their friends on their blog.

Mollie & Alfie's Christmas Card
I would also like to take just a moment to thank a couple of doggies for some very thoughtful awards!
First up is Cotton from Cotton's Candy. This cute little fluffball puppy has made his very own special award for his friends! Thank you very much Cotton, I greatly appreciate it! You are such a sweet pup! I've added the award to my award page. If you have not met Cotton yet, you should!

I also got the Super Sweet Blogging Award from my pal Garth. Garth is a really cool trick dog and philosopher. He also has his own blog called The World According to Garth Riley. I did receive this award before, and if you would like to read my answers to the sweet questions you can click here. Thank you to Garth for thinking of me!

Have you joined the Anipal Tribute to the 12 Days of Christmas yet? I am still accepting maids, lords, ladies, pipers, and drummers! All anipals are welcome to be included! Click the icon below to learn more and join.


  1. Awesome pawsome mail you got there. We love this time of year. More joy less bills. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. We love mail that is not bills too! Our Lady wants to bring home all the pets that need homes this time of year but our man says no. Have a great day. Lee and Phod

  3. Awesome stuff, fun mail makes everyone happy.

  4. Wow, look at all that cool stuff, Ann! And congratulations on your new awards!

  5. So exciting! Gifts, prizes, and mail! Yay! I found a piece of candy on the ground....

    Love and licks,

  6. We love that first card. That is so great. We will have to go visit that blog. You got all kinds of good things and awards and that is super. Congrats on the awards too.

  7. Your mail person brings great stuff...I love the card from Mollie & Alfie...their Chriztazizing is so kewl

  8. Concats on your awards. I've been getting more cards than the peeps. HAH!

    1. Lol, I know that if my pets had their own blog they'd probably be getting a lot of cards!

  9. Cool card from Mollie & Alfie!
    Glad you like my award!!! :D And congrats on your sweet award

  10. Congratulations on your awards and I love your cards. Santa will be here soon, I can't wait.

    Loveys Sasha

  11. Wow, I love your cards. Soon I'll have mine too :)
    Congratulations on your very well deserved awards!

  12. I love the holidays! It's the time when you do get fun things at your door and in the mail

  13. That's some great mail! Congrats on your awards! :)

  14. Wonderful, beautiful cards, and concats on your award! Wishing you many more! Purrs...

  15. Anipal friends are the best! Happy Holidays! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs


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