Saturday, March 23, 2013

Social Pet Saturday: Cute Puppy Edition

I've got lots of exciting things to share with everyone today and unfortunately, one not-so-good thing. Hope you're ready for another edition of Social Pet Saturday - it has been a very busy week!

Nibblet is Inspiring

In case you haven't heard yet, Oz the Terrier is writing limericks about his friends throughout the month of March. He even wrote one about Nibblet! Oz is an awesomely terrific poet and if you haven't met him yet, you really should. You can read Nibblet's limerick here. Also, be sure to check out some of the other limericks he's written this month about other pets. They are really good! And thank you Oz! 

Pet Bloggers Go Nose-to-Nose

The BlogPaws conference is fast approaching in May, I unfortunately will not be attending. I did, however, want to congratulate all my blog friends who are finalists in the Nose-to-Nose awards! I also want to thank those who were thoughtful enough to nominate Pawsitively Pets for the awards - I am very honored to have just been nominated. There are 12 categories with four finalists in each category. Good luck everyone! Can't wait to see who wins! If you haven't seen the list of finalists yet, you can look over the list here

The Pintastic Power of Awww!

I was reading an article on the Plexidor Pet Doors blog about how puppies and kittens make us smarter. The article was really interesting and a good read. I pinned the below image and of course everyone loved it! I think this might just be my most popular pin yet! Of course, it's a very squee-able photo. No one can resist a super cute puppy and kitten together in a field of pretty flowers.

                                                                       Source: via Ann on Pinterest

Over the Rainbow Bridge

Early last week, I learned that Sauce from Da Tabbies o' Trout Towne passed away at 10 years old. I really have not known the kitties of Trout Towne for a very long time, but am still sad to hear this news. All of the kitties are very funny, and Sauce was particularly handsome. May he run free and happy over the rainbow bridge! My sympathy goes out to his family. 

I made this for the tabbies during the Share the Love fundraiser. Sauce is the handsome tuxedo cat at the top petal of the flower. 

More Details of the New Cats Coming Soon

If you follow me on Facebook or other social media, you might have seen the pictures of the new cats I adopted from the shelter as mousers for the barn. Come back on Meowtastic Monday to learn more about them and hear their stories. I'll also be sharing some of their progress, as they have been very frightened and skittish thus far. Hopefully, I can get some more pictures but I won't push my luck with that one.

Happy National Puppy Day! 

And finally, I'll leave you with these cute puppy photos since today is National Puppy Day. Enjoy! 

Cute sleeping pup.
Photo via [Mogl]

Sheltie puppy.
Photo via chris favero

Cute puppy in the snow.
Photo via jpctalbot


  1. Sorry we haven't stopped by much lately. It's been an odd week here, and mommy's worried about Jewel.

    We *love* the picture of the puppy and kitten in the flowers! So cute :)

    It is a great honor to be nominated for the Nose-to-Nose awards. We were nominated, too, but didn't make it to the finalist stage. For what it's worth, we think your blog is EXCELLENT, and we think you deserved to be a finalist! :)

    Carmine, Milita, and jewel

    1. Awww thanks guys! You are so very sweet! I am excited to see which finalists do win, and am rooting for some of them! Don't worry about stopping by, I know it's hard when you have sick family members :( Hope Jewel's doing OK.

  2. Love those puppy pictures. Happy National Puppy Day!

  3. I love cute puppy pictures, I wouldn`t mind sharing them with my husband but he then tries to convince me to get another puppy. My foot is still down, but puppies are hard work and I have a newborn, 2 dogs and 4 cats!!

  4. Happy National Puppy Day! So much going on. We loved the limerick. Oz is so clever.
    Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Excellent Social Saturday. The barn cats are adorable. I am your newest Like on Facebook. And Nibblet's poem was lovely. Does he really eat peas??

    1. Thanks! She loves peas. It's a rat thing because I know that other rats love to eat peas too.

  6. oh I will eat green peas now too :o) Have a wonderful puppy day :o)

  7. Cute pictures, all of them. I hope you can get photos of the kittens too.

  8. I love National Puppy day. The picture I liked the best was the "Cute pup sleeping" So Adorable.

  9. Puppies so cute*sigh*so would like one,but not allowed

  10. I stand by my nomination! You SHOULD have been one of the finalists for "Best New Blog"
    You ROCK! Your posts are informative, I can tell you pour your heart and soul into them and they are beautifully written.
    You get MY vote ANY DAY!

  11. Another great Blog Ann! They get better all the time...we always read them when they come to our email! Love the pictures and all the stories. We have another new litter of feral kittens born indoors on 3/22/13 ...Mommy and her 6 kittens seem to be doing well...some of the kittens are really little so we will see how well they progress. Your little Caspar from the first litter is full of spunky and eating and is well on the way to being big kitty litter trained!! Charmaine & Kitty Kanteen

    1. Thanks Charmaine! I heard about the little kittens - you are going to have your hands full! I guess it's that time of year... Glad to hear that Casper is doing well!

  12. Happy belated Puppy Day. I loved the limerick, very funny :)
    I'm sorry for the lost of your friend Sauce.

  13. I just loved Nibblet's limerick! Oz is one clever pup :)

  14. National Puppy Day! I had no idea such a thing existed. How awesome!

    I'm thinking about attending the BlogPaws Conference. Have you been before and do you think its worth it?


    Jules of Canines & Couture

    1. Hi Jules, thanks for stopping by. I have not been to the conference and wish I could attend this year, but I am not going unfortunately. :(


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