Saturday, May 4, 2013

Social Pet Saturday: Some Special Thank You's

I have lots of good stuff for everyone for this week's Social Pet Saturday. First of all though, I'd like to give a VERY big thank you to everyone who stopped by and left kind comments on my post about Baby Frosty's passing away. I am fine, as I can admit that I was not attached to her, but the feeling of guilt was there after the event. I know her life would have ended at the shelter, and am happy I could have tried to give her a little more time. Even if it wasn't for very long. So anyways, thank you everyone. I really do appreciate it.

So now on to more pleasant things. Let's start the mood off with the stuff that is sure to make you smile. :)

Cutest Video EVER!

If you're following Remy over at One Blue Dog, (If not you should be!) you probably saw the absolute cutest video ever earlier last week. Remy's been trying to get his kitty brofurs to like him, and guess what - they finally do! Well, Linus does anyways. You seriously have to go and watch the video for yourself. It is just too sweet! 

Speaking of Awesome Dogs...

Ray from A Peace-a-Bull Assembly is having a really cool campaign right now for a great cause. For every new like he gets on his Facebook Page his mom will put $1 towards Sirius Republic collars for the Allen County SPCA who are in need. You can check out more of the details here. Plus, you'll get Ray's awesome updates in your Facebook feed which is an added bonus. 

Who wouldn't like this sweet and handsome boy anyways?

Clowie the Pyrenean Mountain Dog from Clowie's Corner interviewed another awesome pup named Hetty. Hetty is the UK's first dually trained Guiding Seizure Alert Dog. She's able to do some pretty amazing things and is a really big help to her mom. You can read Clowie's interview with Hetty here. Hetty is also on Twitter - @Hetty_BG.

AdvoCAT for Adoption

Carmine kitty from Carmine's Orange Pages wrote a post titled "Shelter Pets Viewed as Undesirable". It was a really great post with some good reasons to go out and adopt your next pet. Apparently, a very high percentage of young adults view shelter pets as less desirable than ones that they might buy from a breeder or pet store. I highly recommend you read it! 

Interesting Dog Health Topics

This week, I found two really interesting articles that concern dog health. The first was over a topic I also recently wrote about - rattlesnake vaccines for dogs. The article is over at Life with Wrigs and has some really good information about the rattlesnake vaccine. You can read it here. I know many of you were unaware of the vaccination. If you're looking for some more detailed information about it, I suggest you go over to Wrigs' and read about it. 

The second article I read was at Fidose of Reality. Carol's dog, Dexter, partially tore his ACL - a very common injury for dogs of all types. Dexter had a special brace for his knee made to help him during the recovery process. I had personally never heard of this type of treatment for ACL injuries and found this to be really interesting. You can read all about it here

Pets That Blog

Badge I created for Christina's Pets That Blog series. 
For the last couple of weeks Peace, Love, & Whiskers has been hosting a series of interviews with Pet That Blog. A number of good blogging pet friends have already been featured so far and I'm sure there are more to come. I'm not sure how long the Pets That Blog series will continue, but Christina is always interviewing someone interesting over at her blog. I've really enjoyed reading all of my blog friend's interviews. 

Another Awesome Award! 

The great and honorable Mr. Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny has bestowed upon me the Best Moment Award, which is new to me. Thank you Speedy and Speedy's mum! The rules of the award state that I must write and acceptance speech for the award, so here goes... 

I would like to thank you all for this award! Everyone who has subscribed, followed, commented, visited, or emailed me. Well, not the spammers that leave comments and email me - I take back my thanks to them. All of you have inspired me to continue to write Pawsitively Pets and I am elated that I can call you friends. Thank you! 

Cinco de Mayo is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. If you're not really sure what that is, stay tuned and we'll let you know tomorrow. In the mean time here are some fun ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your dogs over at Irresistible Pets

That's it for today's Social Pet Saturday, hope you enjoy checking out some of the other happenings in Blogville. I encourage you to take the time to go check out some of these blogs if you've never heard of them before. 

Also, my old feed has decided that it wants to be invalid for whatever reason, and I am pretty sure that most of my email subscribers from it are no longer receiving updates. Please be sure to resubscribe! There are RSS feed buttons and a follow by email button in my right sidebar at the top of the page. I have lots of exciting things to come and I know you wouldn't want to miss anything. Thank you very much! 

I'm joining the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop - follow the links below and check out some more great posts from other pet bloggers! 


  1. Have a lovely weekend. Its is our first bank holiday of the year so we are having a long one. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Congratulations to the award :o) I love Remy very much, when I read his posts I'm always smiling and I'm so happy that he found such a wonderful home ...
    Have a wonderful weekend, we will celebrate Cinco de Mayo tomorrow. The "chica" will prepare burritos and the "ombre" is the man for the entertainment (maybe we use him as the pinata :o)

    1. I am very happy he found such a wonderful home too. Enjoy your burritos Easy!

  3. Congrats on the award! Went over and watched that super cute video too! Thanks! Great post!

  4. Nice social tour today Ann...My favorite was Hetty's story on Clowie's blog..I was so impressed when I rad that the other day...Hetty is an amazing dog

    1. I was thinking about interviewing herself when I first learned what amazing things she could do, but Miss Clowie beat me to it! She's awesome!

  5. congratulation for your award !!!
    have an awesome day !!!

  6. I love your weekly round-up of news :) Congrats on the award and have a great weekend! We have a bankholiday here in the UK on Monday, so nice long weekend!

  7. Congrats on the nice award! Gee, you did have bunches of good stuff today and I follow Remy and that video was so good!

  8. I have to subscribe again. Haven't seen a post of you ever since the last time we were here :(

    1. Sorry about that! Glad to see you back again though :)

  9. Aww, thanks Ann! Mom just got another video of me and Linus yesterday, but this time he was whacking me in the face =( Kitties are tricky business!

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