Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Beneful Play Date Tour Visits Austin | Dream Dog Park Contest

Over the holiday weekend, the Purina Beneful Play Date Tour visited the Cedar Bark Park in Cedar Park, Texas. Cedar Park is just north of Austin and not too far from where I live. Unfortunately, I didn't learn about the event until it was almost over but I was also busy tending to 9 year old daughter birthday party duties anyways.

The free event transformed the Cedar Bark Park into the ultimate playground for pups and their humans. People could play games with their dogs like the tennis ball spoon race through an obstacle course of agility equipment. Dogs could also search for treats in a pit of squeaky tennis balls.

Spoon Races
Let's play!

Along with plenty of fun games to play, the Beneful Play Date Tour also ensured that everyone stayed cool. After all, this is Texas we're talking about and it's hot right now! A water mist area was available for both dogs and humans to cool down in. They also provided a shaded tent area to sit and rest under.

Those who attended the event had the chance to win lots of prizes and goodies and even got to take home a doggy bag.

The Beneful Play Date Tour traveled the country and visited several dog parks this summer to encourage dogs and people to play more. Sounds good to me! We could all use a little more play in our day.

If you love playing with your dog, why not enter the Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest? You could win a $500,000 renovation of a dog park located in your area that will inspire people and dogs to play more often. Just imagine the kind of dog park you could get for $500,000!

A custom-designed splash pad just for doggies. 

There have already been several dog park renovations in the past few years from the lucky winners of the Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest. The photo above is from the winning dog park of 2011 in Alabaster, Alabama.

All photos courtesy of Purina. 


  1. That looks so fun! Hopefully Shinner will get to go next year! I wish we had something like this in the summer

  2. Wow I wish these events exists over her in Italy! In my local dog park all we have is broken beer bottles, open needles, and dog poop everywhere. It would be a dream to have all that money to fix it up!

    Hugs, Francesca

    1. Yikes! I was watching one of the videos from last year's winner and the old dog park didn't look so great.

  3. That is so cool and looks like so much fun for the woofies!

  4. Wow! What a wonderful event! No dog parks anywhere near me... :-(

    1. Well you have such a big area for your guys to play around on! I do too, but I don't think it's as big as yours.

  5. Those pups really looked like they had fun! Lucky dogs.

  6. That looks a lot of fun, especially the water!


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