Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Week In Instagram Photos

I know many of our blog followers don't use Instagram for whatever reason. So they can't follow us over there. I really do love Instagram and share some great photos that I don't share elsewhere, so I thought I'd just compile a few for you here today. It's been a quiet but pretty awesome week here at the Pawsitively Pets house.

Can you find the snake in the above photo? He was peeking out in one of our overgrown trees and I almost walked right into him until my daughter told me there was a snake there. I thought he was pretty cute.

The peaches are ripe here right now and the sky was so blue, I thought it would make the perfect photo. It turned out so nice, I didn't add any filters to it.

At the beginning of the month, we joined the #30DaysofSummer Photo Challenge hosted by Staples and Keep the Tail Wagging. Each day, there is a different theme word. Here's our photo for the fifth day of the challenge when the word was "nose".

Yesterday, we broke out the kiddy pool and spent some time outside swimming. Well, the kids did while Shiner and I lounged in the sun. Shiner doesn't really like to get wet.

Yesterday's Photo Challenge word was "jump", so this was the picture for that. It's actually a photo from a shoot we did a few months ago but Shiner got tired of me taking her picture and decided to jump over these flowers.

And finally, yesterday (busy day!) was the dog daddy's 31st birthday. The inside of the card reads:
 "from the people who add spice to your life. OK - and indigestion. Sometimes we add that too." 
And that about wraps up our week in Instagram photos! If you aren't following us there, here's our profile.

And I'd like to welcome everyone to stop by this coming Monday for a HUGE giveaway hosted by myself and many other fabulous pet bloggers. You will NOT want to miss it - I promise! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Great, happy pictures, Ann. Pawkisses for a wonderful weekend and Happy Birthday to dog's daddy ;)

  2. We didn't know Instagram yet, but it looks so COOL. Thanks for introducing it to get an Extra Pawkiss for that :)

  3. Great pix and we say Happy Birthday to your daddy Shiner. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Happy Birthday Shiner's Dad! I can't handle another social media, that is why I am not on instagram:) Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures!

  5. The Staff has an Instagram account but never remembers to use it. Those photos are great and yes I did see the snake!!! MOL Happy birthday to the daddy :)

  6. First, happy birthday to dog daddy.
    We love the nose picture!

    Have a great weekend...

  7. Yikes. M is such a chicken with snakes, she would have turned around and ran for her life. Isn't she silly.

  8. Love the peach! We are on instagram, but Mom isn't a person that likes phones, doesn't even like to talk on them much, so we are on instagram there sporadically.

    1. Funny because I also hate to talk on the phone and almost never actually use mine to talk to someone! But I do love playing Farmville 2 and getting on IG on it.

  9. I follow you on Instagram, and you always have such cute pics!

  10. Those were great pics and we liked the nose! Happy Birthday to the very special Daddy!!!

  11. Great photos! I do follow you on Instagram! I love that nose shot! Nose photos are my fav!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  12. I found the snake. TW would have freaked bigtime.

  13. Love the photos - thanks for sharing them with us - WOOF!

  14. I follow you on IG, and you post great photos!

  15. Great photos! I'd love to check out Instagram, but just don't have time for another thing right now. So thanks for sharing on here! :)

  16. I did an Instagram PSA post today! It's one of my favorite places to waste time on my phone - I could look at other peoples' dog pictures for hours!

  17. I have Instagram, but I am not good with it. I think it is because I don't take that many pictures with my phone.


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