Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Rat That Started It All on National Pet Memorial Day

The second Sunday of September is celebrated as National Pet Memorial Day. As a special celebration of past cherished pets, I wanted to remember my late rat, Nibblet. Many of you I'm sure remember Nibblet. She was my first pet rat and is one of the reasons why I love these furry little critters so much.

Young Nibblet. 

Still, I feel like there may be several new followers who don't know who Miss Nibblet was. What a better time to share her than National Pet Memorial Day? Let me start by saying that Nibblet was much different than my current pet rats, Jack and Gus. Having these two really makes me miss my Nibblet. I'm not saying that I don't love them, but they just have very different personalities.

I got Nibblet when she was around 4-6 months old. She was always very curious, sweet, and well-behaved. She was allowed to run around on my kitchen counter top and I never had to worry about her chewing through cords, unlike two other boy rats that have now been banned from those areas.

Don't worry! I won't chew up your stuff! 

She also NEVER pooped outside of her cage. Again, another bad habit that Jack and Gus have. She came running when called, so I let her roam the living room and kitchen floor on a regular basis. She was always easy to find. She wasn't scared of Shiner at all and actually enjoyed playing with her.

Isn't that the cutest smile ever?!

When Nibblet was young, she didn't like to sit still and cuddle much. She'd much rather explore and crawl all over you. When she got older, she was much more cuddly and would actually nudge my hand or nibble my fingers gently for me to pet her. If I stopped petting her, she let me know that I wasn't done yet.

In the last few weeks of her life. 

Nibblet passed away in April when she was 2 years old. That's the average lifespan of a pet rat. She became ill with an ear ailment that caused her to become wobbly so she couldn't walk straight. She may have also had an upper respiratory infection. We tried some medicine from the vet, but Nibblet became progressively worse, thin, and eventually did pass away.

So to my sweet little Nibblet, I thank you for your devotion and loyalty to me and for being such a wonderful little friend. You were and still are a huge inspiration for me and this blog. You will never be forgotten!

Rat selfie!

I'd love to hear more about who you are remembering on National Pet Memorial Day. Just leave a comment! 


  1. Nibblet's sweet little face and smile with your fingers is the cutest pic. Sweet memories. Have serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. She sure was a special girl, wasn't she? In her pictures, her sweetness is just so obvious. I love the selfie at the end.

  3. We always enjoyed seeing that sweet little Nibblet and she always made us smile!

  4. What a lovely tribute, it sounds like you have some great memories together.

  5. We miss Nibblet's sweet little face, and know how much more you must miss her. I didn't know about this day, but we've been thinking a lot about some of our lost loved ones lately anyway.

  6. That is sooooo sweet! Miss you Nibblets...

    Noodle and crew

  7. Aw, we love that selfie. Purrs to you as you remember Nibblet today.

  8. Awwwwwe.....sweet Nibblet was precious!

  9. Thank you for sharing about your sweet Nibblet. She sure was wonderful.

  10. That's a wonderful tribute to Nibblet. He was very cute and sounds like a sweet, spunky friend.

  11. What a beautiful tribute to sweet Nibblet.

  12. Awww...I didn't know Nibblet has passed away. This is a beautiful tribute.

    My country don't have pet memorial day but if I do have it, of course the tribute goes to my lovely Kame

  13. Sweet Nibblet. I always loved reading about her. I can't believe how well behaved she was. I've never heard of a rat coming when called or of not pooping outside of the cage. What a good girl.


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