Friday, October 17, 2014

Getting Ready for Howloween

Halloween, or should I say "Howloween", is right around the corner. Shiner doesn't want to be one of those last minute doggies to pick out a Halloween costume. Plus, if you wait too long all the good ones are picked through anyways.

This year, she did some Halloween costume shopping at EntirelyPets. She was pleased to see a wide variety of costumes for dogs, and they even had a few for large dogs too. Sometimes, it's kind of hard to find Halloween costumes for bigger dogs.

Even though Shiner's favorite color is pink, mine is purple. So I helped her pick out a cute spooky purple Halloween shirt with bats on it. I like the way this shirt fits. It's a little loose, and not too tight. I notice a lot of Shiner's dog clothes can be tight-fitting so I think she'll be comfy in this one.

To match her purple Halloween shirt, she's sporting a cute Halloween Party Collar. She is for sure going to get some good treats in this outfit.

And because Shiner enjoys watching football with her dog daddy, she picked out a Spirit Paws Dog Costume too. She makes a great cheerleader, don't you think?

This cheerleader dog costume looks just like the one the human cheerleaders wear for her dog daddy's favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys. Hopefully, I put it on her the right way... I feel like this costume maybe should of come with some instructions.

It's a pretty silly costume that's great for photos and maybe a football party too. But I think it only looks really good when Shiner is sitting down. As you can see, it just ties around on the top of the dog. There are some holes in the back end that might be for legs, but I can't see Shiner's legs fitting in them so I'm not sure if that's what they are really for.

If you'd like to browse some Halloween costumes for dogs, you can visit the EntirelyPets Halloween Store here.

We are already having so much fun with the Halloween season! Does your pet have a costume yet? What are they going to be this year? 

Special thanks to EntirelyPets for supplying Shiner's Halloween wardrobe this year. 


  1. You always look so sweet and wonderful Shiner!

  2. She was smart to get her costumes early!

  3. Shiner, you are such a good model. You always (well, almost always) look like you're happy and having fun. You are so cute in your costumes. Our costumes will probably be PhotoShop like.

    1. That's a good idea too Annie. I like making the photoshop costumes also. Shiner mostly has fun, but there are some times when she'd rather be sleeping BOL

  4. Oh Shiner, you are set for Halloween! I need to find a costume for the fluffies.

  5. We don't really do much dress up around here, the girls don't care much for it. But Luke might be more tolerant so we might give him a try (just don't tell my hubby...LOL).

    1. Haha! Shiner is pretty tolerant and will wear clothes no problem. More costume-y stuff, like the cheerleader get up, won't stay on very long but they are fun for photos.


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