Saturday, October 11, 2014

Shiner Tries Blue | Blue Dog Bakery Healthy Treats for Dogs

By now, I'm sure most of Shiner's followers know that she is a fan of the color pink. She likes wearing pink, sleeping in pink, and even her tongue is pink! It's one way for her to show her feminine side. Could you imagine her leaving the pink side for - *gasp* - BLUE?!

Well, my friends she has done just that. She gave blue a try and LOVES it! Shiner has a new blue bandana from Blue Dog Bakery. It looks pretty awesome on her too. Not only is she now wearing blue, but she's eating it too. Blue Dog Bakery sent us a couple of their healthy treats for dogs to try out. (We also have an amazing giveaway, so keep reading!)

Blue Dog Bakery

What is Blue Dog Bakery, you ask? Blue Dog Bakery has been making healthy all-natural treats for dogs since 1998. Here's a little bit more about their dog treats: 

  • NO animal by-products
  • NO artificial flavors or colors
  • NO artificial preservatives
  • Made responsibly in the USA with high quality natural ingredients

This was our first time trying Blue Dog Bakery treats. They sent us their Doggie Paws Peanut Butter Flavors treats, Perfect Trainers Grilled Chicken & Cheese Flavor treats, and a box of MORE Flavors Assorted treats. 

More Flavors Assorted Dog Treats

I think my favorite treats from the package are the MORE Flavors Assorted treats. The MORE Flavors are an assortment box of four different flavors of dog treats from Blue Dog Bakery. 

First of all, they are just too cute. These treats are like adorable animal crackers for dogs. Not to mention, they smell really good! They smell so good, I actually nibbled one and it was probably the best tasting dog treat I've ever had. Of course, I'm not a dog so what do I know anyways. 

And how does Shiner think Blue Dog Bakery tastes? Well, she loves it! I put some of the animal shaped treats up on the railing and she stole them pretty quickly. 

Perfect Trainers Grilled Chicken & Cheese Flavor Dog Treats

The Perfect Trainers Grilled Chicken & Cheese Flavor dog treats are soft and a perfect size for training. They are good for dogs with allergies and don't contain any corn, wheat, or soy. Shiner and I had fun playing our treat catching game with these dog treats. 

Doggie Paws Peanut Butter Flavor Dog Treats

And finally, we got to try some Doggie Paws Peanut Butter Flavor treats by Blue Dog Bakery. These treats are in a small round shape, making them great for small dogs and puppies. They are also low calorie treats with only 10 calories in each one. 

While browsing Blue Dog Bakery's website, I noticed that all of their healthy dog treats are very reasonably priced and affordable. Shiner gives Blue Dog Bakery four paws up! While she may always love wearing her color pink, I think she is more than happy to eat Blue Dog Bakery treats anytime. 

Win a Year's Supply of Blue Dog Bakery Healthy Treats for Dogs

Blue Dog Bakery has very kindly offered an extremely generous giveaway. One lucky Pawsitively Pets reader will win a year's supply of Blue Dog Bakery healthy treats for dogs! This includes:

  • 1 Case of MORE Flavors Assorted
  • 1 Case of Doggie Paws Peanut Butter Flavor
  • 1 Case of Perfect Trainers Grilled Chicken & Cheese 
  • 1 Case of Mixed Products

All of those cases of dog treats add up to a one year supply of Blue Dog Bakery treats! If you want to win big, just fill out the Rafflecopter form below with as many entry options as you like. This giveaway is open to US residents only, ages 18+. This giveaway will end on October 25th at midnight CST. Good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post is sponsored by Blue Dog Bakery. I am being compensated to help spread the word about their treats, but Pawsitively Pets only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. All opinions expressed here are our own! 


  1. Those look great and we have to say blue really is your colour Shiner. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I like the ingredients, specially that they don't use "animal by-products"! I'm with you Shiner, for this tasty treats I would change my color from grren to blue too!

  3. If there is peanut butter around Boomer and Dottie will be too!

  4. Well I know Shiner looks great in Pink but she looks adorable in Blue as well :) She's one of those dogs that looks good in everything.

  5. We love these treats and Mom likes their shapes! The more flavors box is the one we love the most.

    1. Me too! The MORE Flavors are lots of fun and very cute.

  6. My dogs would love the peanut butter doggie paws

  7. UGH! U.S only!!!! Good luck to everyone!
    Shiner, I think you look great in blue!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  8. Those look oh so yummy!

    Have a great weekend!

    Noodle and crew

  9. What a fantastic giveaway! I think Bentley would LOVE the More Flavors. They all look super yummy! ♥

  10. The treats look healthy and delicious. Does he make kittie treats too :D Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend :)

  11. Those treats so look really yummy. Our doggie would love to have some of those.

  12. Lots of yum and a darn cool bandana Shiner!

  13. I bet my dog would like the peanut butter flavor

  14. Olivia and Jaxon would love the Grilled Chicken and Cheese flavor!

  15. That's so nice of Shriner to give away some of her new favorite treats! P.S. You look GREAT in blue. Much love, The Scottie Mom.

  16. They all look great. I think the Doggie Paws Peanut Butter Flavor would be perfect for all my dogs!

  17. Peanut Butter or Chicken, Harley would gobble them up fur sure!

  18. What an awesome giveaway! I think our crew would love the grilled chicken and cheese treats. We're doing lots of training around here so they'd be the perfect size too!

  19. They would like the grilled chicken and cheese.

  20. Anything with cheese!!!! What a great giveaway!

  21. The Perfect Trainers Grilled Chicken & Cheese Flavor sound like the ones they would love.

  22. Peanut Butter flavor would be Josie's favorite

  23. I think Tyson would love the chicken & cheese flavor!

  24. The Grilled Chicken & Cheese flavor would be my dogs' favorite.

  25. I think the girls would like the more flavors kind!

  26. She would love the Doggie Paws Peanut Butter Flavor since she is crazy about peanut butter treats.

  27. I think he'd like the perfect trainers the best since they're soft.

  28. My dogs love the peanut butter & molasses ones. I haven't tried the others. Thanks!


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