Saturday, February 7, 2015

5 Adorable and Adoptable Rabbits for Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month

February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit. Yes, that's right folks - just like cats and dogs you can easily find a rabbit available for adoption. In fact, I found several adorable and adoptable rabbits available for adoption just by visiting Petfinder.

There are lots of reasons why rabbits make fantastic pets. They are great pets for people who live in the city, they can be box potty trained just like a cat, and sometimes people who are allergic to cats and dogs are not allergic to rabbits. But, those are just a very few reasons why rabbits are awesome pets.

If you've ever considered keeping a rabbit as a pet, February just might be your month! Here's a look at what you might be missing out on - our list of five adorable and adoptable rabbits for Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month.


Lily is a 6 year old spayed female American Mix rabbit. She came to the San Diego Humane Society because she wasn't getting along with other rabbits in her home. After being adopted and returned another time due to family allergies, Lily still seeks her forever home. She's a "happy go lucky" rabbit that loves to munch her veggies and hay. Not to mention, she's got some beautiful and unique markings and color! You can view Lily's Petfinder profile here


Willie is a young male rabbit, born in May 2014. He likes to dig, get into things, and run around just like most bunnies do. He's available for adoption from Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah. You can view his Petfinder profile here


Lilac is a young female rabbit who may have been given as an Easter gift last year. When she came to the Austin Guinea Pig Rescue in Round Rock, TX she was dyed a light purple color. Although it is illegal to dye rabbits and chicks for Easter in the state of Texas. Lilac is very social and loves attention. You can view her Petfinder profile here


Bonnie is a beautiful black lady spayed lady rabbit. She is very gentle and sweet and sometimes a little shy. Bonnie is good with the children she has been around and she does well with her litter box. She's up for adoption from Friends of Rabbits in Centreville, VA. View her Petfinder profile here. 


Rikki-Tikki is a male gray Dutch rabbit who was rescued from being euthanized at the shelter. He enjoys gentle attention from humans. Rikki would love a home with another bunny. Maybe even a nice lady rabbit to boost his confidence! He's available for adoption in Nashville, TN at at Southern Bunny Sanctuary. Click here to view his Petfinder Profile


  1. They are so cute and I sure hope they all get to hop into a happy home soon.

  2. They are so cute! Rikki-Tikki looks just like the rabbit that was my sister's growing up, Flopsy. Rabbits were the one pet my Dad loved so we had a few over the years as I grew up. I hope this group all find homes.

  3. So cute! Honestly, I'm not a rabbit person and I'm actually kind of scared to hold or pet a rabbit (big wimp). But if I were to get a rabbit or if I knew anyone interested, I would say adoption is the way to go! I hope all of these sweet rabbits find their forever homes very soon.

  4. They are so precious! I would love to rescue a rabbit at some point, but I need a bit of a bigger place first!

  5. Awww! MomFOD had rabbits before. Sparky and Philip. I never met them, but I heard they were ok. Good luck, Rabbies!! -Crepes.


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