Friday, February 20, 2015

Pawsome Pet of the Week: Sheba the Golden Retriever

Ready to meet our latest and greatest Pawsome Pet of the Week? Of course you are! Her name is Sheba and she is a lovely senior, 10 year old, Golden Retriever lady dog. Sheba was born and raised in New Hampshire. She was born one town over from where she lives now with her pawrents and furry siblings. She came from a litter of puppies that belonged to some friends of the family.

Sheba's favorite activity is playing fetch with swimming as a "close second". She also enjoys going for walks. What makes Sheba a Pawsome Pet? Here's what she had to say -

"Mom says I am the most easygoing of all the dogs.  Even though I can be a bit nervous sometimes, I am the one dog amongst three siblings that loves everyone, human and canine.  Mom can take me anywhere and not worry about reactivity like with my siblings."
According to Sheba, she has the "ability to make everyone she meets smile". I think that definitely makes her Pawsome. In addition to this special ability, Sheba is also beautiful and photogenic, "especially right after being groomed". A lady dog has to keep up appearances after all.

And what kind of cuisine does such a beautiful Golden Retriever girl doggy like to eat?

"I am not fussy at all, except I might pass on some fruits or vegetables.  Mom just made some grain free blueberry and banana dog cookies this weekend, and I think they're my new favorite!"
Sounds delicious and how nice it must be to have your own personal chef! As I mentioned above, Sheba is a senior girl. However, that does not stop her from playing and being full of energy. (If you ask me, she doesn't look a day over 3!) ;)

"Even though I'm over 10 years old, I still act like a puppy sometimes.  I love to play with my one year old brother Luke....we wrestle and fight over toys all the time."
I'd like to thank Sheba and her mom for taking the time to complete this interview. And I'd also like to send some encouraging words to both of them concerning Sheba's health. Her mom recently shared more about this on her blog here, if you'd like to read it. May Sheba continue to heal and bring much more happiness to your life! She's a very special dog and pawsitively pawsome.

Sheba shares a blog called "Wag n' Woof Pets" with her mom and fur siblings - Cricket, Luke, Samantha, and Conrad. You can keep up with her and her family on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Stop by next Friday to meet another Pawsome Pet of the Week! 


  1. Sheba is gorgeous! And we purr for her and hope she continues to do okay health-wise.

  2. Sheba is a beautiful girl and if she likes wrestling, she is a girl for me :o)
    easy rider

  3. We love their blog and Sheba is such a sweet girl. We hope so much that she will be alright.

  4. Such a beautiful dog! Unlike most of us, she seems to be enjoying the snow and cold! I hope her health stays up as she seems like a great and well-loved dog.

  5. She's gorgeous! Enjoyed the interview - it's nice to meet you, Sheba!!

  6. sheba...yur lookin GRATE for a ten yeer old....N we wood pass on fruits & veggies two...bring on de surf & turf we say !!...{ tho bloo berree N nanner cook keez sounds dee lish !!! }

    heerz two a corydoras & cherry salmon kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  7. Thank you so much for featuring Sheba, Ann! It made me smile and made us all feel good to see her here. Thanks especially for the encouraging words about her health....she is still healing and feeling great right now, and we're just praying for that to continue.

  8. We love Sheba! We continue to wish her a speedy and complete recovery! Love Dolly

  9. Sheba is a beautiful girl! I love that she is still playful despite her age.

  10. Love Sheba and those pictures and interview are just fab!

  11. Sheba sure is beautiful, and we loved meeting her. We hope she continues to heal and feel better.

  12. She's a beauty for sure,thanks for the intro,xx Rachel and Speedy


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