Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pawsome Pet of the Week - Coco the Couture Cat

Ladies and gentlemen, dogs and cats! Today we have a very special and highly fashionable ladycat to share with you. Let me introduce you to our newest Pawsome Pet of the Week - Coco the Couture Cat! Her formal name is "Furrydance Coulours Cove", which I personally thinks sounds pretty fancy. She's named after a place in Cornwall, England. Coco is a Cornish Rex cat.

"My breed is Cornish Rex and the first Cornish Rex cat was discovered there [Cornwall,England] in 1950. I was a show cat for a short time, but I hissed at the other competitors, so I retired from that and became a momcat for a few years. I was spayed when I was 5 years old, but I was a very devoted mother, but I so enjoy being a fixed ladycat now!"
Coco the Couture Cat is known for her high taste in fashion. She likes to wear beautifully designed dresses, clothes, hats and even wigs. Have you ever met a cat with their own hairstylist? Well, Coco has one! Coco's haristylist styles all of Coco's wigs.

She enjoys going places in her pink catillac. In fact, she's traveled all over the US by car and jet. I asked Coco what makes her a Pawsome Pet. Here's what she had to say -

"Well, I am pretty, I am outgoing, I love to travel and make new friends (even though I still do hiss at other cats), I like being around other pets when I am out and about in my Pink Catillac."
Coco also enjoys riding on the shoulders of humans and says that "shoulder-riding is high on my must-do list". She loves humans and "snuggling under the covers at night". Coco is not food focused (a lady must watch her figure, I suppose) so her human, Teri, hasn't discovered what she likes to eat best yet. Not having an obvious favorite food frustrates Coco's human as she is trying to clicker train her right now.

I figured that such a lovely ladycat must have something that she loves about herself. You know, a favorite feature so to speak. I just had to ask Coco what her favorite thing about herself was.

"My paws! And then my lovely wavy fur color, which is called Brown Patched Tabby."
Special thanks to fashionista Coco the Couture Cat for taking time out of her busy schedule for this interview. I highly recommend you check her out at some of the links below!

Coco is featured in a children's book called Coco Le Chat, The World's Most Fashionable Feline. I found the book on Amazon here.

Coco has her very own blog - Coco, the Couture Cat - where you can check out all of her exciting adventures. And sometimes she makes an appearance on her housemates' blog, Curlz and Swirlz (there are lots of other cute cats here!). Her mom, Kely, even has a blog - Kely With One L.


  1. Coco you are the best dressed cat on planet earth... think even Anna Wintour agrees for that :o) Have a great caturday!
    easy rider

  2. Boy, Coco certainly is one stylish kitty!
    Have a great weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  3. Coco is awesome, and so is her human, Teri! We met them both at BlogPaws a few years ago, and we just adore them. :)

  4. Oh yea, we've met Coco too and she is an amazing and fancy gal!

  5. We love Coco. TW has met her in the fur at Blogpaws. She’s got a pawsome sense of fashion.

  6. Oh my gosh, isn't she something, all dressed up!! Beautiful!! I think she's going to BlogPaws again this year? I hope so!

  7. Coco is just the best and is always looking good in all her different outfits. She sure has a good Mom. Happy Monday to everyone.


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