Friday, April 24, 2015

Pawsome Pet of the Week - Jasper the Orange Tabby

Do you believe that pets have healing powers? Today, we introduce a new special Pawsome Pet of the Week - Jasper the Orange Tabby. After interviewing Jasper, I found that he reminds me very much of a nurse... only he is a nurse of the feline kind. Jasper takes care of his humans and fursiblings with a very caring heart.

Jasper is a 14 year old, Domestic Shorthair, orange and white tabby mancat. Jasper used to live outside until he met his mom and dad. Now he lives in the comfort of a nice home in Phoenix, Arizona with his human parents and his two kitty brothers, Trouble and Squirt.

Jasper is the proud owner of a very long tail - the longest tail his mom has ever seen! He also enjoys eating tuna, which is his favorite snack. According to Jasper, whenever his mom makes salad he knows there will be tuna too. Jasper doesn't get straight tuna very often (he doesn't want to upset his tummy) but he does get the extra tuna juice - yum!

So, what makes Jasper so pawsome other than his long tail and love for tuna? I asked him, and he says it is his "outgoing personality".

"I would have to say it’s my special outgoing personality. Every day when Mom and Dad get home from work, I run to the door and greet them with lots of rubs, purrs, and kisses. I also talk to them a lot, and they tell me I’m very smart because I understand a lot of the words they use and know exactly what they mean. So now sometimes they have to spell things (like “TUNA”) so I won’t get too excited. 
I love people and am a social butterfly. I’m laid back and well-behaved, but I have a mischievous streak and a good sense of humor too! I’m also an excellent big brother to 2 adopted kitties who used to be feral that joined our family several years ago. Although I wasn’t too happy when I first met them, eventually I warmed up and started teaching them all the stuff they needed to know about trusting people and being an indoor kitty. I was a pretty good teacher! Now we all get along great."

Perhaps this is why I think he makes such a great nurse. Or as his mom likes to call him, an "angel kitty". After asking Jasper if he had any special abilities, he told me about how he cares for his humans and fursiblings when they are feeling under the weather.

"Mom calls me her “angel kitty” because I take such good care of people and other animals when they’re sad or not feeling well. Whenever my Mom or Dad is sick or upset, I sit on their chest, touch their cheek with my paw, and give them kisses on their face.
Years ago, when my doggy brother Spencer got sick with heart disease, I never left his side. I kept a close eye on him everywhere he went to make sure he was okay, and slept next to him with my paw on top of his.
I also make sure any visitors to our house feel welcome by rubbing my hair all over them and sitting right on top of them. It’s my job, and I take it very seriously!"

Jasper is a fighter too. When he was a young mancat, he fell ill to something called Valley Fever, but because of his strong will he was able to make it through. Here's Jasper's story about his battle with Valley Fever.

"When I was 3 years old, I got very sick and was diagnosed with something called “Valley Fever.” I was in the intensive care unit for 6 days and the doctors said I might not ever get to go home. But I fought very hard to get better, and I did!

The doctors said Valley Fever often doesn’t get diagnosed in kitties because it’s such a tricky disease. My story was written up in veterinary journals, and one of my doctors traveled all around the country giving speeches to other doctors about me and how best to treat Valley Fever in cats. So I was kind of famous for a little while! But I never let it go to my head."

When Jasper isn't busy working and taking care of his family members, he enjoys a couple of different activities.

"When I was younger I used to love to race around the house meowing, play with all my toys, and steal Mom’s stuff and hide it in places she would never think to look. I still like to play sometimes, but now I prefer sleeping in warm sunspots, watching the birds and bunnies outside, and snuggling with Mom and Dad while we watch Animal Planet on TV."

Jasper is definitely a Pawsome Pet and I am grateful to have been able to interview him. Thanks Jasper for taking time out your busy mancat schedule to answer a few questions.

You can see more of Jasper and his brothers (along with other pet-related stuff) at his Mom's blog, Good Pet Parent.  You'll also find Good Pet Parent on Twitter and Facebook. Stop by, say hello, and make some new friends!

And be sure to stop by here next Friday for another interview with a new Pawsome Pet of the Week!


  1. I'm sure pets have healing powers... and it's so great to have a buddy like Jasper on your side....a super pawsome pet !!!
    easy rider

  2. Jasper sounds like one pawesome mancat! His story is inspirational. We have never heard of Valley Fever before, but we are so glad that he beat it! We will definitely go check out his blog and hope to make a new friend. :)

  3. We sure are glad to meet Jasper! What a handsome and special man-cat! He's got a neat story too - that's awesome that he recovered from Valley Fever and was famous for a bit! We will go check out his mom's blog! Thanks for introducing us to Jasper.

  4. callie....oh kay...shiner two....what a grate grate interviews ...veree nice ta meet ewe jasper ~~~~ waves... N we troo lee enjoyed reedin yur storee..we R big lovers oh toona heer az well, tho frank lee any fish will due....heerz two a frogmouth catfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  5. Such a great interview - I'm a big fan of Good Pet Parent so this was awesome to read. He really does have a long tail, doesn't he lol? I've always thought there was something extra gregarious & outgoing about male cats with orange; everyone I've met has been super friendly. Glad to read he takes care of his siblings so nicely.

  6. Not only is Jasper handsome, he's pretty special too! Thanks for introducing him to us.

  7. Jasper is a sweet kitty and a cutie too. I am glad he has a great home.

  8. Jasper says "Thank You", and that he is very honored to be included among all these amazing Pawsome Pets!! :-)

  9. Jasper is so handsome, a very special boy indeed

  10. Don't know Jasper, but he is a good looking fellow and it looks like he has his human well under his paws!

  11. Jasper is one handsome cat, and it sounds like he has quite the personality too! The blog looks like it has some great information on it too.

  12. Jasper is indeed very handsome and compassionate. He sounds like a wonderful cat!

  13. Handsome and caring - what a pawsome combination.

  14. I've had the pleasure of interacting with Jasper on multiple occasions and he truly is an angel kitty has the most precious touch and healing heart. I miss you Jasper xoxo


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