Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Amazing Diving Dog

Yesterday, we visited the lake and Shiner got to tag along. This was her first lake visit this year and she was such a well-behaved doggy! We will have to share some pictures soon, but for now here is a short video of her swimming. 

Did you see that underwater action!? She may hate baths and rain, but she has no problem diving for rocks. And sometimes she retrieves them too.

We are behind today from being gone all day yesterday, so trying to catch up! We hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! 


  1. That had to be lots of fun! Oh, exept for that water stuff!!!

  2. shiner....we loved yur mewvie N gived it 984 paws UP !!! ewe iz an a maze zing diver but next time ta yur mom ta toss sum FISH !!! ♥♥♥

  3. Amazing Shiner! You go girl!

  4. Way to go Shiner, you swim like a pro! What a great way to cool off. My dog who spends countless time by the water, would never put his head underwater.

    1. I haven't seen many dogs do this... a few but not most. I find it odd because she seriously hates getting wet under any other circumstances. But yet she will go underwater. Weird!

  5. Go, Shiner!! Luke sticks his head under, but I've never seen him leave it under quite that long!


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