Friday, August 7, 2015

Pawsome Pets of the Week - The Swiss Cats Zorro and Pixie

This week, I'd like to introduce you to two lovely kitties - Zorro and Pixie. Also known as "The Swiss Cats", because they live in Switzerland. Specifically, they live in Versvey which is a part of Yvorne. Yvorne is a village that is made of several mini-villages. Zorro and Pixie say it is a beautiful place to live if you like the country. (I agree and we'll share some gorgeous photos with you too.)

Zorro is a mancat who will be 3 years old on August 15th. He was born on a farm about 50 km from where he lives now with his Mum aka Claire. Zorro is a black cat. Pixie is a calico ladycat who is only 1 year old. She was born about 100 km away from where she lives now in Geneva's countryside. Her Mum found her in a Facebook group and decided to take her home.

So what makes these two kitties Pawsome Pets? I'll let them tell you:

: "You’re kidding ? Just look at me ! A friend of Claire, who is a breeder, says I am stunning !"

Pixie: "Zorro, you have absolutely no modesty ! When Angel Loupi died, Mum was very sad, because she had a special bond with him. Angel Loupi couldn’t stand Zorro, but Zorro needed a furriend. When I popped up on the Internet, Claire and Momo fell in love with me but were afraid of Zorro’s reaction. It took me exactly 36 hours and one poop in Zorro’s litter box to become his sweet little sister. After that inaugural poop, he gave me a bath like my momcat. He raised me as if I were his own kitten. He even taught me how to catch a bird ! I’m the boss now, but I will never forget it. I think my cuteness makes me pawsome !"

Living in such a beautiful place with dazzling scenery, it's no wonder that Zorro and Pixie enjoy spending time outdoors.

"We love to go outdoor and have fun in our enclosure. We enjoy fresh air, we watch Bird TV and Horse TV. I love to nap under the bushes, but Pixie prefers to go inside for napping. We love to play with a simple string with Claire too."

The Swiss Cats also enjoy fine cuisine. Who doesn't?

 "[We enjoy] Cat chips from Anifit ! Those treats are so yummy ! And butter. For our usual food, we’d rather have fish than chicken."
As most kitties do, Zorro and Pixie have several special abilities.

Zorro: "I’m able to jump very high. As I could go outdoor as I wanted for a while, my humans are always careful when they open a window, because it would be a great opportunity for me to escape ! And I have very impressive claws."

Pixie : I’m a climber : I’m able to climb on almost everything, humans included. And I’m a true chatterbox. We are both able to sneak in a closet or the laundry room without a human noticing it. And get stuck MOL !

I asked these two what their favorite things about themselves are. Zorro responded that his favorite features are his eyes and tail. Pixie claims that her favorite thing about herself is her whiskers. Both kitties are stunning, so it's hard for me to pick a favorite feature on either of them!

You can find Zorro and Pixie on their blog titled The Swiss Cats. It's a good blog, so be sure to stop by and check it out. You can also find them over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Special thanks to Zorro, Pixie, and Mum Claire for taking the time for today's interview! We'll see you back here next week for another Pawsome Pet of the Week!


  1. They are amazing and we love those Swiss Cats!

  2. Zorro and Pixie are great pals! It's lovely you featured them today :)

  3. We love black cats, but Pixie is our fav here! Switzerland is pretty and they have a great life over there. My kitties enjoyed living in Germany.

  4. Hey, I know them Swiss kitties!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  5. We're featured *blush* How cool ! Thank you so much, Ann ! We enjoyed doing that interview ! Purrs

    1. Thank you so much Zorro, Pixie, and Claire! I loved doing your interview and am jealous of your beautiful countryside! :)

  6. kewl iz thiz....we loves pixie & zorro, grate ta see them interviewed two day N letz heer it for BUTTER !!!
    { we willna menshunz de...BURD .....stuff ~~~~ ☺ }

    heerz two a hairtail, madtom fish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  7. Zorro and Pixie are PAWsome! Thanks for featuring them! :)

  8. We love Zorro and Pixie! Thanks for featuring them.

  9. I love The Swiss Cats- it is nice to learn more about them :)

  10. We love the Swiss Cats!! They definitely are Pawesome and we're so happy to see them featured! Hi guys!

  11. The Swiss Cats are pawesome! It's so sweet that Zorro raised Pixie as if she were his own kitten. I bet that was really adorable to watch.

  12. We love the Swiss Cats they are just adorable! Love Dolly

  13. Who could not love two beautiful cats living in such a beautiful place? I love how the colors of these two complement each other so well!


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