Saturday, August 8, 2015

Celebrating Pets as Natural Characters

This post is sponsored by Natural Balance®. I am being compensated to help spread the word about Natural Balance®, but Pawsitively Pets only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. All opinions expressed here are my own. 

Pets are unique. Dogs and cats have their own individual personalities, express their emotions differently, and show their love to their humans in distinct ways. No two pets are exactly the same!

My dog Shiner is no exception. She's been with me for a long time, and I know her personality and habits like the back of my hand. Shiner is a stubborn dog that is set in her ways. She's always been a little stubborn, but as a senior dog it shows more often.

Shiner is also sweet and is devoted to her family. She sleeps with us at night, sometimes in the bed. Her favorite places to sleep are in the bed, on the back of the couch, and on piles of laundry (notice how none of these are dog beds?). She enjoys playing with her favorite toys and running around outside in the yard after sticks.

Most of all, Shiner adores being around the humans that she loves. She craves our attention and will sit and stare at me until I notice her and pet her or give her food. I talk to her, even though she may not be able to hear very well. I can tell that she knows I'm talking to her and she likes that.

She also appreciates a good meal. Her favorite snacks are those that are made of meat. As for meals, she’s a big fan of Natural Balance® dog food, especially their new Wild Pursuit formula. She’s eager to get that in her bowl and it doesn’t take long to disappear. 

After learning more about Natural Balance's® philosophy on dog food, I believe that this is a company run by people who really care about the product that they are creating. They make "food with substance for pets with character". Plus, it’s conveniently available at pet retailers like PetSmart.

Natural Balance® celebrates pets as natural characters and wants to help them get the most out of their life’s journey so that you, as a pet parent, can get the most out of it too. To celebrate pets for who they are and all the ways they enrich our lives, Natural Balance® has created a Natural Characters page on their website where pet parents can upload photos or videos of their pets doing what they do best.

I visited the Natural Characters site and uploaded Shiner's picture - it said they were looking for more characters in the South, that's us! You can upload you pet's photo to the page for a chance to be featured and check out all of the other amazing Natural Characters.

One of the Natural Characters is Tillman, the skateboarding bulldog. I'm sure you've seen him before, but if not, here's a cool video. Tillman can skateboard, surf, and snowboard! He's a pretty awesome dog.

Even if your dog doesn't skateboard, he or she is still special. (But I'm sure you already knew that!) We want to know what natural characteristics your dog or cat exhibits! What makes your pet special?


  1. what a pawsome review! I so agree efurry dog is unique and I like the way the people at Natural Balance create dog food :o)

  2. I love celebrating our animals uniqueness. Phod is calm, loving, and a fetch-a-holic. He is obedient and trusting. Hailey is, well Hailey, crazy, full of life and energy and independent. They are opposite but I love them both so much!

  3. You are a natural beauty sweet Shiner!

  4. We love their line of treats and have enjoyed meeting them the past years at BlogPaws

  5. Great review ! We only can agree that every pet is unique ! Purrs

  6. Oh, Shiner is definitely a sweet character...I love that she sleeps everywhere but in a dog bed!

    1. She will sleep in her dog bed every now and then. Mostly when I make her (because the cat is out and I want her to stay calm). Or if my dad is in the living room with her. He makes her get off the couch, and so she knows she has to lay somewhere else lol...

  7. We're fans of Natural Balance. They are a company that really cares about our pets. :)

  8. I think my huskies just shine in natural playfulness. They love to play, and are just so fun loving!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  9. Faraday's OUR #NaturalCharater! We posted about it today too!


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