Friday, September 18, 2015

Pawsome Pet of the Week - Charlie the Golden Retriever

Our Pawsome Pet of the Week this week is young, handsome, and likes to have fun! His name is Charlie and he is a 2 year old Golden Retriever. He lives in New York with his family who adopted him from a rescue organization. His first people loved him a lot, but couldn't provide the best life for him. His family now includes his human Mom and Dad, and some big brothers - Harley (another Golden Retriever), and Max and Lucas the cats.
"I was born in Buffalo, NY. My first family couldn’t take care of me so at 6 months old GRROWLS (Golden Retriever Rescue Operated with Love Statewide) rescued me and placed me in foster care with my angel, Michelle. Shortly thereafter I met my forever family and have lived in Rochester, NY since. The best part of my house now is that we live near an elementary school and I get to run wild in the athletic fields and chase my frisbee!"
Apparently, Charlie loves his frisbee quite a bit. He claims that playing frisbee is his absolute favorite activity. And with so much energy to burn as a young dog, it's the perfect sport for him!

"Paws down, my favorite activity is playing frisbee. At my second birthday party I even chose playing frisbee over a nice juicy raw bone. I am super fast and I love to try to chase that thing down! Mom says that sometimes I need to practice my manners with the frisbee, but I just get so excited to play!"

So what makes Charlie so pawsome aside from having dashing good looks? Why is he a Pawsome Pet?
"I have an excellent smile and some say I am the happiest little pup that they have met. I never stop smiling and I have the wiggliest butt there is. Sometimes I act a little silly but it’s only because I am so excited to meet/see you. I tried my hand at agility, but I was very distracted. Mom calls it “puppy brain”. I am a canine good citizen and love to go to work with Mom. In my free time I test out the very best that the pet industry has to offer and share my favorite dog friendly, parks, products and services with readers on my website"
Charlie's special abilities include frisbee (of course), making people smile, and even modeling. He was recently featured in his rescue group's calendar and is officially Mr. April.

Charlie and his older brother, Harley (left).

This Golden Retriever has fine taste in food too. He says that his favorite thing to eat is Dr. Harvey's Oracle.
"My favorite food is Dr. Harvey’s Oracle. Mom likes it because it is really healthy for me and easy to make. I like it because it tastes delicious and we get lots of raw meat and veggies!"
Some other silly quirks that Charlie has can be read in this love letter.  And another possibly little known fact about him is that he has a couple of silly nicknames including Chuck, Chuck Duck, Chuckle E Duckles, and Ducky. I think my favorite is Chuckle E Duckles. 

Special thanks to Charlie for taking time from his busy frisbee schedule for today's interview. Want to see more of Charlie? You can find him at his blog - My Dog Likes. He's also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Stop by, say hello, and let him know just how pawsome he is!


  1. Hi Charlie! You are indeed very pawesome and it's very nice to meet you. Miss Ann, we love Pawesome Pet of the week!

  2. Nice to meet you Charlie. That is a great smile. :)

  3. Hey! That's me! Thanks for sharing Ann! We love your site and feel so honored to be on it among all of these other pawsome pets, like Shiner!

  4. All the wiggle butt talk, it is no wonder Bailie and Charlie got along so well! They are both lovable goofballs!

  5. Such a pretty smile on that goofy boy. Who wouldn't love him?

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  6. I love Charlie! I was lucky enough to get to meet him at BlogPaws. He is a big sweetie and he and his brother Harley helped me not to miss our golden Sheba quite so much when I was away from her. His parents are pretty special too. :)

  7. Hi Charlie, your so handsome. Great pawsome pet of the week!

  8. We're furrends with both Charlie and Harley. They're our cousins (on our mother's side) LOL


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