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Tips to Keep Your Dog's Ears Clean and Healthy #BayerExpertCare

Our dog is no stranger to having her ears poked, prodded, cleaned, and messed with. For the span of her lifetime, she has had several ear infections. I feel bad for her and try to help prevent ear infections any way that I can.

Simple Tips to Help Keep Your Dog's Ears Clean and Healthy with #BayerExpertCare Ear Care Rinse for dogs

Of course, ear infections still sometimes show up regardless of what I do. However, many years ago when Shiner was still young and I began learning about pet care I learned quite a bit about how to keep my dog's ears clean and healthy. Since learning more about proper ear grooming for dogs, I've been able to prevent ear infections in my dog with more success. 

There are a few simple steps that dog parents can follow at home to help keep their dog's ears healthy and clean. Fewer visits to the vet = a happier dog!

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#BayerExpertCare at home care products for pets are available at PetSmart
One thing you'll need to have on hand to maintain your dog's ear health is a good ear cleanser. A few months ago, I visited our local PetSmart to pick up a few Bayer® ExpertCare health and wellness products for dogs. One of the items I picked up was Bayer ExpertCare Ear Care Rinse that is specially formulated for dogs.

Maintain your dog's ear health by using an ear cleanser once or twice a week.

This rinse is a fresh-scented antiseptic cleansing rinse containing wax-dissolving and drying agents with aloe vera. Bayer ExpertCare Ear Care Rinse is a veterinary formulated at home care product specially formulated for dogs so you know that it is a product that you can trust.

After you have an ear cleanser, you can help keep your dog's ear clean and healthy by following a few simple tips:

  • Keep your dog's ears dry. After your dog goes for a swim or takes a bath, make sure you dry out their ears well. It would also be a good idea to go ahead and use Bayer ExperCare Ear Care Rinse on your dog's ears as soon as you're able to after the ears get wet. 
  • Use dog ear cleanser to maintain ear health. The label on our Bayer ExpertCare Ear Care Rinse recommends cleansing the ears one to two times per week. Clean your dogs ears regularly to maintain good ear health. 
  • Check your dog's ears once a week. Before cleaning your dog's ears each week, check them out to make sure they look healthy. They should not be excessively dirty, red, or smelly as these are signs of an ear infection. 
  • Visit the veterinarian if you suspect your dog has an ear infection. Ear cleansers are not meant to be used as medication to treat an ear infection. Please take your dog to the vet if you think they have an ear infection!
  • Play with your dogs ears to get them used to it. Some dogs don't like having their ears messed with. My best advice is to start playing with your dog's ears while they are young to get them used to it. If that's not possible, it's OK to start at any age. Just move at your dog's pace and reward them with lots of treats and praise. 
Ear infections can be extremely itchy and uncomfortable for dogs. It's definitely a good idea to keep some Bayer ExpertCare Ear Care Rinse around the house!

#BayerExpertCare at home pet care products are available at PetSmart

As a busy mom to both humans and pets, it really makes things so much easier for me being able to stop by PetSmart to pick up Shiner's ear cleanser. Shiner's veterinarian is not located particularly close to where I live, so being able to find quality care products nearby is important to me. You can find Bayer ExpertCare Ear Care Rinse for dogs in PetSmart's Health and Wellness section or online.

Do you have any tips to keep your dog's ears clean and healthy to share? Leave them in the comments!


  1. I hear ya Shiner... that ear infections are uncomfy and not easy to treat. I will look for that magic potion, maybe it helps my ears too?

  2. Both of mine have ear issues. Titan's is very little now since being on a grain-free diet. Zue Zue is still having big issues. I'm now making her own food and finally it appears the ears are getting better. Poor girl had ruptured ear drums when I started fostering her. She has soooo many allergies! Zue's cleanings happen just about daily and when not cleaning, she's getting Zymox. Oy vey. Thanks for sharing this. Always looking for a great cleaner!

    1. I try to feed Shiner grain free food as well, but with kids she will eat anything she finds so it's tricky! Sounds like you are staying on top of Zue's allergies and ears. Hope you're able to avoid those yucky ear infections!

  3. What an awesome photo of Shiner! The Bayer ear cleanser is awesome! Chloe actually likes it...I think it made her ears feel better!

    1. That's awesome! Shiner sometimes acts like she doesn't want her ears cleaned, but I think she secretly likes it. She doesn't put up any fight when it's ear cleaning time.

  4. That sounds like a great product!

    Luckily, Ginger's ears seem to stay pretty clean on their own and I don't think that she has ever had an ear infection. I have known several dogs in the past, though, who constantly had dirty ears. I know it can be very annoying for the dog and frustrating for the owner!

    1. Well, that's great for Ginger! When my family had Shelties as pets, we never dealt with ear infections. As a young adult, I was totally unprepared for Shiner's ear problems. She had ear hematomas early in her life.

  5. I've been hearing a lot about this stuff. I think I'm going to try it for Nike because her ears can get so yucky. Thanks for sharing!

  6. We love this stuff! Well, I do. Mauja and Atka tolerate it ;)

  7. I do the girl's ears after every bath and swim! That sounds like an awesome ear wash! We are almost out of ours so I will have to check this out! Thanks for a great review!

  8. Mr. N has floppy ears but they stay pretty clean for the most part. It's probably because he hates swimming!

  9. Big boy Bruce had a few very nasty ear infections until I figured out that dietary yeast was the culprit. Even though its been three years since he had one, I still regularly check his ears.

  10. Floppy ears can be the worst! I've gotten into the habit of cleaning them at least once a week. We use a medicated solution and cotton balls. So far, so good, no problems. Great post - I'm sure it will heighten awareness.


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