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Long Lasting Flea and Tick Protection From Seresto® #petbasics #BlogPaws

This post is sponsored by Seresto® and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I have been selected as a Sponsored Blogger to attend the BlogPaws 2016 Conference on behalf of Seresto however I only work with brands I love. BlogPaws and my Sponsor are not responsible for the content of this article.

Most flea and tick prevention methods require monthly applications. Wouldn't it be nice if your pet could be protected against both fleas and ticks for longer? It's possible with Seresto®. Seresto offers easy, effective, non-greasy, 8-month flea and tick protection for dogs and cats all in the form of a unique polymer matrix collar.

Flea and Tick Protection for Cats - Seresto

Seresto uses Sustained Release Technology, which continually releases the collar's active ingredients over a period of 8 months. With Sustained Release Technology, the active ingredients are released in low concentrations and are distributed over a pet's hair and skin surface. As the ingredients wear off over time, Seresto will continuously replenish the skin with a new supply of ingredients.

Active Ingredients of Seresto

There are two active ingredients in Seresto. No other on-pet treatment has this combination of active ingredients for flea and tick prevention. 

  • Imidacloprid - This kills fleas through contact. Fleas DO NOT have to bite your dog or cat to die. This is so important for pets who have a flea allergy. Just one bite is all it takes to make them itchy. 
  • Flumethrin - This ingredient kills and repels ticks. 

Benefits of Using Seresto for Flea and Tick Protection

For me, the biggest benefit is the fact that a flea doesn't have to bite my dog to die. They are killed when they come into contact with the ingredients released by the Seresto collar. However, there are still many more benefits to using Seresto for Flea and Tick Protection. 

  • Easy to apply.
  • No need to remember monthly applications. 
  • Non-greasy and odorless
  • Kills and repels fleas. 
  • Convenient and easy to use collar. 
Seresto offers flea and tick prevention for 8 months - no need for monthly topical applications! #petbasics

All you have to do is put it on your dog or cat, and Seresto takes care of keeping them protected against fleas and ticks. Easy!

Why does your pet need flea and tick prevention? Fleas and ticks can make your dog and cat itchy and uncomfortable. They can also lead to diseases that are harmful or even fatal. Protection is a must!

One thing I like about Seresto is that it has a safety feature in place should a small dog or cat become trapped. Their weight and strength will be enough to widen the collar at the release mechanism so that they they can escape safely. I find that this is an important feature for cats who may be allowed outdoors without supervision. 

For more information about Seresto, click here. 

We're going to #BlogPaws 2016 #sponsored by Seresto!

Next week, I'll be headed to the BlogPaws 2016 Conference in Pheonix, Arizona. While there, I'll be talking with some of the people at Seresto. Special thanks to them for making this trip possible, as they are my conference sponsor. If you're in attendance, make sure you stop by and say hello! I'll also be bringing you more information about Seresto and flea and tick prevention in the weeks to come. Stay tuned! 

If you have any questions or comments about Seresto, please feel free to leave them here in the comments section below!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of BlogPaws Pet Influencer Network. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. Finding the right protection is so important - Glad to hear you've found something that works for your guys! See you next week!

  2. I have been afraid to use I have 3 dogs and I'm afraid of them chewing on it while playing

  3. Sounds like a good product to keep those little boogers away. I know you'll have a blast at BlogPaws!

  4. Can dogs and cats be allergic to the collar? Nicky used to hate getting Frontline every couple of months. Most of the time he won't stay still for the whole dose so having a collar is cool.


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