Monday, July 25, 2016

Poo Vault - An Easier Way to Carry Your Dog's Poop

It's not very fun, but dog parents have to pick up after their furry companions when they poop. At least, I hope you're picking up after your dogs! Picking up dog poop is just part of being a dog parent.

But when there is no trash can around to throw your poo bags in, what do you do? Sometimes you can end up walking forever with a stinky, warm, poo bag in your hand. Definitely NOT convenient or pleasant. Not only are dog poo bags smelly, it's one less hand you have available during your walk.

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Poo Vault - A New Way to Carry Your Dog's Poop

Poo Vault creator, Jessica Streib, found it annoying and inconvenient to carry her Labrador Retriever's poop around during their walks. Sometimes, it was difficult to find a trash can in the neighborhood and no one likes carrying dog poop bags. So she decided to make the Poo Vault. 

The Poo Vault is a hard sided container with a seal and clasp that is designed to hold in dog poop odor. Just place your poo-filled bag inside the Poo Vault and go. You can either attach the Poo Vault to your belt with a clip or use the carabiner to attach it where ever you like. The carabiner attaches to belt loops, purses, and leashes. When you come across a trash can, empty the Poo Vault and now you're ready for the next time your dog poops!

Dog poop happens!

Here are some facts about Poo Vault:

If you're like me, you may be wondering if the Poo Vault is large enough for a big dog's poo. Not to worry - the Poo Vault has been used to carry the poop of an 80 lb. Labrador Retriever. That's got to be some pretty big poop!

You can watch and learn more about the Poo Vault in the video below.

The Poo Vault on Kickstarter

The Poo Vault is currently being funded through Kickstarter with a goal of $14,500. Backers of the Poo Vault on Kickstarter can find a variety of rewards for their contribution to the campaign including their very own Poo Vault. The money raised via Kickstarter for the Poo Vault will go towards manufacturing the four pieces that make up the Poo Vault.

Please take a moment to visit the Poo Vault's Kickstarter page HERE and learn more about this project. And be sure to SHARE with fellow dog parents. This product is something that could really help make a dog parent's life much easier. You can follow Poo Vault on Facebook too.

Poop Fairies are not real, unfortunately. So in the mean time, pet parents can use the Poo Vault to rid themselves of the chore of having to carry stinky dog poop bags around town.

What do you think - would you use a Poo Vault during your dog walks? Tell us in the comments!


  1. That is an ingenious idea! No one wants to carry around stinky poo.

  2. I would think you would need to clean the poo vault occasionally or it would start to stink after carrying bags for a time. Not sure about this.

    1. Hi. This is Jess from Poo Vault. After I use my Poo Vault, I leave it open near my front door to air out. When I am ready to use it again, it is back to not smelling.

    2. It probably wouldn't hurt to clean it every now and then I assume.

  3. With two dogs, that's just not large enough for me unless I push and swish the poo down in there, and that's just too much poo touching....

  4. This might work for a 1 dog parent or 2 small dogs - so you would still put the poo in a bag right and then place the bag in the Poo Vault? As far as cleaning it - I would just use an anti-bacterial wipe to wipe it out - this Poo Vault just might work. Better than carrying around a bag full of poo.
    Mom Kim

  5. Hi. This is Jess from Poo Vault. Thanks for your interest and comments. Please visit my Kickstarter Campaign at to see the video on the product. It will give you a good idea about the size and how it attaches.

  6. These are soo cool! Use these all the time when I am out and about on my walks.

  7. I think it's official we've seen as many dog poo products as possible! Love Dolly

  8. I would love to see a medium/big container to store the poo bags after the walks to avoid the smell until garbage day.

  9. I would definitely use a Poo Vault if I could buy one. My friends and I go bush walking with our dogs and sometime have to carry the poop for a couple of hours. This would definitely make it a bit more pleasant :0


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