Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Kitten's First Visit to the Vet

On Tuesday afternoon, little Roadside took his first visit to the vet. His age has really crept up on me and I realized he was a little overdue to see the doctor. Nonetheless, he made the trip to see the doctor and had a few things done.

I was surprised that he didn't sing the song of his people while riding in the car. He was as quiet as a mouse while he rode in his carrier in the backseat and didn't make a peep. When we went into the room for our appointment, I talked to the vet tech about what he needed to have done and he took him to the back to have his blood drawn for a FIV/FELV test. I could hear his poor little kitten howls all the way in the exam room. That test came back negative. Yay!

Roadside also had some vaccines and an oral dewormer. He's a healthy kitten, except for that he does have ear mites. He got some medicine for that and those itchy buggers should be on their way out.

While at the vet's office, he did a bit of exploring in the exam room. The hole to the trash can seemed especially interesting to him, and he tried to go in there when the vet tech and veterinarian came to give him his shots.

Although a bit scared, he was a very well behaved kitten at the vet I think. Next up for Roadside is getting neutered and vaccine boosters.

Shiner also tagged along during this vet visit. She has a nasty ear infection and has been licking her paws frequently. She's got some medicine to help with that and hopefully it will give her some relief.

I took a few video clips of the vet trip for our Instagram story yesterday. You can check out all the action in the video below.


  1. I'm glad Roadside's check up went well!

  2. POTP for the feline and canine ear-probs, hope all infections and mites will be history soon. Concats Roadside, you are a brave kitty, you managed your furst vet visit very well!

  3. Roadside you've grown so much! What are the chances he'll be this good next time? Poor Shiner, my allergies always made my ears really bad, sounds like it's allergies with the paw licking. Not that I do that at all. Love Dolly

    1. Probably, but I swear she licks just to lick sometimes. =/

  4. Some pets really don't seem to mind the vet, but I don't like to go there.

  5. I am so happy to hear Roadside's first check up was a good experience!!!

  6. Poor Roadside getting the old work-up. Yay for being healthy. Wait till the neutering. Heh heh.

  7. guys....sorree bout de trip two de place oh eeeeeeevil..... N sorree bout de bugz in yur earz ~~~~~~~ we iz buzzed happee for ya tho roadside that ya getted 984 paws up other wize !! YAY !!

    heerz two an eeltail catfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  8. We're glad to hear Roadside's first vet visit was pretty uneventful. We purr that Shiner's ears are better soon.

  9. So cute and glad all went well for everyone! Roadside is like Cody, Cody first went to the Vet at about 10 wks old.....wasn't nervous one bit! catchatwithcarenandcody

  10. Well, that visit was the easy one Roadside, but you didn't hear it from me!

  11. Yay!! Good news (except the mites of course)

  12. We're glad everything went well for Roadside. We hope that he gets rid of the ear mites quickly, and that Shiner feels better soon. Purrs

  13. We were glad to hear the first check up went well!
    Have a great weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  14. We are so glad Roadside got a good checkup! Here's hoping his ear mites and Shiner's ear infection are all better, real soon. Hugs!


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