Monday, December 12, 2016

Pet Blooper Reel #12

We've done it! Today's pet blooper reel marks a full year of pet bloopers! It's been a lot of fun, and I may continue this series on to next year. I think we'll end the year with a few funny bloopers, including one photo bomb. Can you guess who the photo bomber is?

If you guessed Roadside, then you'd be correct. I took this photo yesterday and there were a LOT of retakes. My models were being uncooperative and of course kitten Roadside had to snoopervise the photo shoot. He loves Stella & Chewy's so much, that I eventually had to put him in another room. If I don't hide the Stella & Chewy's he will shred the bags open to eat the food inside.

Callie DOES have blooper this month, but through no fault of her own. I was bored working at the computer one night while she sat in my lap. I started trying to take silly selfies of her with my ponytail on top of her head. None of them came out good and she was not impressed.

Shiner has been fairly good about taking photos this month. She's been sitting where I want her to sit (kind of) but lately she's been refusing to look at the camera and smile.

She's been giving some very unimpressed looks during her photo shoots this month. Maybe the fact that this one took place in the shower had something to do with it.

And that's all for the Pet Blooper Reel this month. What do you think? Would you like to see more bloopers in 2017? 


  1. Ha-ha, I especially love the Callie blooper! I hope she does not think I'm mean.

  2. absolutely... there are the funniest things where the "uneggs-pected" happens :o)

  3. These blooper posts are so cute and fun. (Yes, maybe be in the shower explains the lack of a smile! lol.)

    Finally posted some of my own this week. It's fun to see folks outtakes.

  4. guys...ewe betcha.....we wood loves ta see mor blooperz next yeer N de next yeer N de next yeer two !!!!! hope everee onez doin soooper grate ~~~ ♥♥♥☺☺☺


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