Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Toys Made for Senior Dogs | Old Soul Bone

As my dog has aged, I've noticed that she is less of a vigorous chewer on specific toys. She enjoys chewing on softer dog toys now that she is 14 years old. I actually prefer this anyways, because I know that her teeth are not quite as strong as they used to be when she was younger.

I've seen countless dog toys marketed towards young dogs and puppies, but never before had I seen a dog toy that was specifically made for senior dogs. When I found a Senior Dog Toy section on Planet Dog's website, I knew we needed to try one.

We received a Planet Dog Old Soul Bone at no charge in exchange for a review on our blog. 

Planet Dog has been around since 1997. They have been known as the industry's leading socially responsible, values-based design house, bringing people and dogs together for fun and mutual support. Planet Dog's line of senior dog toys includes the "Old Soul Bone" and the "Old Soul Ball". Shiner has one of the bones.

Planet Dog took their award-winning Orbee-Tuff material and developed a special formula to address the issues that older dogs might experience such as reduced vision and snout strength, weakened jaw muscles, and brittle teeth.

The Old Soul Bone for senior dogs is 100% guaranteed, made in the USA, recyclable, and non-toxic.

Because the bone is given extra pliability for a chew that's easy on the gums and snout, I was concerned that Shiner would still be able to shred it. The bone is a bit soft and squishy to the touch. While Shiner's chewing isn't what it used to be, she can still chew quite vigorously and tear things up.

So how does Planet Dog's Old Soul Bone stand up to Shiner's chewing? Very well, actually. She's been chewing for a week and I still see no signs of any wear on the toy. It's the perfect size for her and I think the texture of the toy is absolutely perfect for her senior dog needs. She loves it!

I'm so happy to have discovered a dog toy that has been specially designed with senior dogs in mind.

The Old Soul Bone is available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes. You can find one for your senior dog on the Planet Dog website HERE.


  1. Oz has some toys from Planet Dog but we didn't know they made toys specifically for seniors. What a great idea! We will have to go check them out.

  2. That's great Shiner likes that so much. We have seen that they make a line for senior dogs, but I don't play with toys, so we never really looked at what they offer.

  3. Thanks for a great review, Ann! I'll have to check this out as Zue's teeth are quite as big as Titan's and she's not as an aggressive chewer.

  4. I didn't know Planet Dog made a line of toy for seniors - I love that! We have a few of their Orbee-Tuff balls, and I love their values as a company. I might have to get that ball for Cricket!

  5. Awesome, this toy is interesting, thank you for reviewing!
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