Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Keep Kitty Stimulated with Cat Amazing Best Cat Toy Ever from From Chewy

I am always looking for fun toys for my young kitty, Roadside. He is quick to make his own fun with everyday household objects, but I feel like it's important to keep him active and stimulated. Our friends at sent over a Cat Amazing Best Cat Toy Ever and he's been having a blast with it.

The Cat Amazing Best Cat Toy Ever is an interactive treat maze and puzzle that makes your kitty use their brain. Made from 30% recycled cardboard, simply place some treats or food in the puzzle and watch you cat go to work trying to retrieve them. It's super easy to assemble too.

Roadside loves his food and snacks, so he was driven right away to test out his new toy. He's pretty smart too because he figured out how to get the food out quickly. You can watch him use his Cat Amazing Best Cat Toy Ever in the video below.

This interactive treat maze and puzzle keeps kitty stimulated with three levels of difficulty. Each section of the box puzzle is a little more difficult to get treats out of. Roadside is able to get food from all sections of the box, although the most difficult section does take him a little longer to figure out.

This puzzle-style toy encourages the natural instinct cats have to explore, sniff, search, and retrieve hidden rewards. It's fantastic for keeping him busy and making him do some brain work for his treats. I try to hide treats inside every day for him.

Roadside gives his Cat Amazing Best Cat Toy Ever from four paws up! You can find this cat toy, along with many other cat toys at In fact, you can find just about anything you're looking for at Treats, toys, pet food, grooming products, pet medicine, pet beds, cat litter, and more. ships out very fast and offers free shipping on purchases over $49. Be sure to check them out for all of your pet supply needs! 

Has your kitty tried a toy like this before? What did they think of it?


  1. We have one of those... and my human needs to put some treats in it.

  2. so important to keep your cat mentally active with play :)

  3. Cats are so easily entertained! I love it! I wonder how my pups would do with that? ;)

    Bren @ Pibbles and Me

  4. I would like it too.... maybe the mama can buy me one?

  5. Oh my dog & cat! That looks like such a fun puzzle toy for the kitties!

  6. We have a wooden one that is similar and my cats love it. :)

  7. That looks like a real fun toy for kitties...or dogs to get their noses stuck in because we are too curious!

  8. Roadside sure is having fun with that toy! We had one at the shelter, and one cat, Elmer, was so smart. He would step on the edge, so that the toy flipped on its side and all the treats would fall out. Every. single. time. Ha ha!


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