Thursday, April 6, 2017

Take the Stress Away with Feliway® for Cats

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Last Summer, we adopted a kitten into our home. At the time, Callie was extremely upset about kitten Roadside joining our family. She's adjusted nicely to having a little brother, but the two of them still have their moments. Most of their altercations are started by Roadside as he seems to like to pester her sometimes.

I was recently asked to try some Feliway® products for cats in my home and thought our situation would be perfect. As a former veterinary technician, I've recommended Feliway many times. I've also used it while working in the animal hospital to help feline patients feel more calm. However, I had never used Feliway products in my own home until now.

For those of you who are unaware of what Feliway is, let me explain.

What is Feliway®? 

Feliway® Multicat is a copy of the natural appeasing pheromone that is produced by mother cats. This pheromone promotes bonding and helps calm cats for better socialization and harmony. Once your cats start to get along, you might notice that your cats are more willing to interact with each other. They may begin to rest in close proximity to each other and share spaces and resources. Your cats may even groom each other or rub their faces together to exchange their own bonding pheromones. 

Feliway Multicat is the first and only product that is clinically proven to reduce tension and conflict between household cats. Something we can definitely use around this house. Feliway Multicat is a pheromone diffuser that plugs into a wall outlet, so it's easy to use. For best results, it's recommended to use continuously for at least 30 days.

Other Feliway products for cats mimic the naturally occurring feline facial pheromone. Cats rub their heads on household objects like furniture when they feel safe and comfortable. They are depositing their pheromones when they do this. These marks make them feel more secure and are recognized by all cats. 

Feliway mimics this naturally occuring pheromone and is not a drug. It's non-sedating, non-systemic, and has no contraindications to use with any other treatments or conditions. Feliway® Spray and Feliway® Wipes are great for helping with stress-related behavior issues like hiding, urine spraying, and scratching. 

How We Use Feliway®

My Feliway Multicat pheromone diffuser has been plugged into the wall for a few weeks now. Tension between the cats still occurs sometimes, but I do believe it's becoming less of an issue. 

It's recommended that you plug the diffuser in a place where both of the cats spend a lot of their time. I've noticed that Callie has claimed a new spot in the house for her naps near our Feliway Multicat diffuser. I'd actually like to get another diffuser to place in my bedroom as well since Roadside likes to spend a lot of time in here. 

I use the Feliway Wipes and Feliway Spray in different spots in my home. Mostly in places where Roadside likes to hang out. He can be a bit of a wild child at times, but I think these help calm him down. 

I don't travel much personally and have never traveled with my cats, but I will be using Feliway on our next visit to the vet's office. Both the Feliway Spray and Feliway Wipes are perfect for on the go and traveling, as travel can be stressful for cats. 

As I mentioned above, Feliway is recommended by veterinarians. Feliway Multicat and other Feliway products can be purchased from your veterinarian. To find a Feliway vet near you, just click HERE

Catego™ Flea and Tick Control from the Makers of Feliway

The makers of Feliway have also recently launched a powerful topical flea and tick control that is designed specifically for cats and only cats called Catego. I think it's nice to see a flea and tick control product available that is designed to meet the unique needs of cats. 

Catego is easy to apply and has one low-volume formula that is safe to use for all cats that are over 8 weeks old and weigh more than 1.5 pounds. Protection from fleas and ticks lasts for one full month. 

Fleas are a huge issue for us, so I usually have to use a chemical flea control product on all of my pets. Even though my cats are indoor only, the fleas come inside on my clothing (I've seen it myself, unfortunately) and I have to make sure I use adequate protection on them.

So far, the cats have not had any issues using their Catego and I've not noticed any fleas on them. And I do check them regularly! 

Catego is currently available through Amazon and veterinarians, plus it will soon be available for purchase from PetSmart. For more information on Catego and where you can buy it, you can visit the Catego website HERE

Overall I'd say these cat products get 4 paws up from us. Have you ever used them with your cats? If so, share with us in the comments! 


  1. We sure use Feliway here and we can tell a difference if one runs out too!

  2. We use a ton of Feliway all over the house.

  3. Mom got some of that too and she can't wait to try it out on Rhette for his next vet visit, he's really a yowler. We aren't using the flea treatment though as Rhette is only indoors, but if one of the dogs gets fleas I'm sure we'll try it! Love Dolly


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