Friday, July 21, 2017

6 Reasons Why Sharing a Bedroom with Your Pets Is Awesome

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Sharing is caring and one of the things I share with my own pets is my bedroom. Honestly, trying to keep them out of the bedroom wouldn't work anyway. They always find a way in.

I have a dog and two cats who are usually free to come and go in my bedroom as they please. They even sleep with me in my bed most of the time. While there are definitely some downsides to sharing a bedroom with your pets, today I'm focusing on the positive. Here are 6 reasons why sharing a bedroom with your pets is awesome.

Pets in the Bedroom Give You a Sense of Security

And sleeping with your pets may help you sleep better. I personally find this to be true. Once everyone gets settled and comfortable in bed (though it could take some time) sleeping is pretty peaceful. One of my cats enjoys cuddling under the blankets, which I enjoy. 

No Need for an Alarm Clock

Who needs an alarm clock when you have pets? My cats always let me know when I've slept too long. Can't keep them waiting too long on their breakfast! My dog, Shiner, on the other hand is pretty good about sleeping as long as I do so I have no issues sleeping in with her. 

You Get to Play Hide and Seek

If you have cats, chances are that you've played a game of hide and seek with them at least once. A game wherein you are the seeker and your cat is the hider, of course. Cats are good at this game and just want to make sure you take time from your daily tasks to play a fun game. 😉 There are probably 100 places to hide in your bedroom for them. 

Pets Offer Companionship

I spend a lot of time in my bedroom. It also serves as my office most days and I love having my pets with me. They let me know when it's time to take a break and offer me comfort. Having a pet is an amazing source of companionship, so keeping them close by is even better. 

They Make You Feel Important

Everyone likes to feel like they are important, right? Pets make your feel like you are the most important person ever! And to them, you probably are. If I lock my dog out of the bedroom, she will scratch and bang on the door like the rest of the house is on fire just to be by my side again. 

Pets Look So Cute When They Sleep

There is nothing cuter in the world than a sleeping cat or dog. What better place for a dog or cat to sleep than in your bedroom in your bed? If watching them sleep peacefully has you feeling drowsy, don't be shy and join in for a little nap!

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Do you share a bedroom with your pet? Tell us about it in the comments! 


  1. My human pretty much MAKES us sleep on the bed, MOL! Of course that means I have to go sleep on the cat tree. ;-)

  2. Speedy always gets a bed time cuddle but he doesn't sleep with us.....bunnies don't work like that,xx Rachel

  3. We agree! Sometimes it's the only time that mom and me get to have our own little cuddle time right before we go to sleep. Love Dolly

  4. Our humans don't share the bedroom with us : Claire is not able to sleep if we are on the bed. She pays so much attention not to disturb us that she forgets to sleep ! Purrs

  5. i cant imagine not having my 3 gals sleep with me. they take up the bed but they sure keep me warm in the winter time. i have steps for them to get to my bed.

  6. They keep you warm in the winter :) I can't sleep without at least one cat in bed.

  7. I acan't imagine a bed without a pup ;o)

  8. Thanks friend, your article remind me with my pet, It names Grub, Grub is smart kitten,
    Sometimes we competing to take a bed!

    All about take care of Pets

  9. Mom can't imagine going to bed without us pets coming with her.

  10. They also make a great substitute for an electric blanket!!!


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