Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Smart Automatic Pet Feeder Monitors Your Pet's Food and Water Intake for You

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We all love hanging out with our pets. Pets are awesome, after all. However, it's not always possible to be with them 24/7. Pet parents have to go to work and run errands sometimes, leaving their pets behind at home. Thankfully, today's technology allows pet parents to monitor their pets even when they aren't with them.

One smart automatic pet feeder called Mario Feeder is leading the way in innovative feeding and monitoring technology for pets. The Mario Feeder measures the weight of food and water consumed, giving you peace of mind knowing that your pet has eaten.

Mario Feeder Story

What prompted the creation of the Mario Feeder? A pug named Mario, of course. Mario's Dad, Justin, is the Lead Engineer behind the Mario Feeder. Justin wanted to make sure that Mario was eating and drinking if he should need to stay late at the office.

Justin couldn't find a perfect pet feeder on the market for his dog, so he decided to make one himself. It's named the Mario Feeder after Mario the Pug. The Mario Feeder fulfills the needs of pets, has water and food monitoring, and provides confirmation that a pet has eaten. 

You can watch Mario's story about how the Mario Feeder idea all came together below. (Trust me - this is a must watch video. Mario is a star!)

Mario Feeder Features

The Mario Feeder is unique because it is the only pet feeder that measures the weight of food consumed. It sends alerts to your smartphone letting you know when your pet ate, how much, and what your pet ate. 

It also has the ability to keep food cold. For those of you who feed a raw diet to your pet, this is an absolutely amazing feature. It has a rotating bowl design, which means it's sort of like a mini buffet for your pet. The Mario Feeder accepts food of any shape.

Don't worry about other pets or wild animals stealing your pet's food either. The Mario Feeder uses RFID proximity detection and only opens when your pet is nearby. 

In addition to the complete analytics of what your pet is eating that Mario Feeder provides, you will also get alerted via smartphone if your dog is barking. It includes a built-in microphone that is constantly listening to your pet. 

Have a cat? No problem! This smart automatic pet feeder is suitable for both cats and dogs. 

The Mario Feeder is a fabulous monitoring tool for pets on diets, pets with diet restrictions, special feeding needs, and/or illness. 

Mario Feeder on Kickstarter

For now, the Mario Feeder is a project in the works that you can find on Kickstarter. To learn more about all of the features the Mario Feeder offers, just CLICK HERE. If you like the idea of the Mario Feeder, feel free to back the project on Kickstarter and share.

The Mario Feeder is set to deliver in May 2018, so keep your eyes peeled for this gadget. 

You can stay up to date with Mario the Pug on Facebook and Twitter.

What's your favorite feature of the Mario Feeder? Tell us in the comments! 


  1. Mario ; very nice to meet you; you are one handsome pug pup !!! your bowl sounds pawesome; we like the idea that it will keep food chilled....it'a a super great idea...best to you and your dad; we hope you sell 90 bazillion bowls !! ☺☺♥

    1. Thanks you! We believe that we have a great (unique) product and hope to share it with everyone. We put a lot of work into it and want to see people get value from it.

    2. Thanks you very much. We believe we have a great product with a cool feature set. We hope that we get to share it with you and everyone else

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. The product is very simple and we simply recognised that nobody was doing this yet.

  3. The mom is paranoid about how much we eat. She could use one of these.

  4. We have often thought of one of these auto or timer feeders for cat bro Bert when we are gone for a few days as he eats all his food the first day.

    1. Hi Emma, mind if I ask what has stopped you from purchasing one so far? Keen to understand as there may be others out there like you and we would love to know how to convince them it is a good investment :)


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