Thursday, January 11, 2018

4 Toys Your Cats Will Love

We received the products in this blog post at no charge. Pawsitively Pets only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. 

Over the holidays, our cats got a few toys and treats. Both of them love their new toys and of course wanted to share the fun with our readers.

Hartz sent us a few of their cat toys from their Just for Cats line. Check out each toy below and see what our cats, Callie and Roadside thought of them.

Hartz Just For Cats Chirping Bird Cat Toy

This is a super cute and fun toy that both the cats love. They both like to bird watch out the window, especially Roadside. He gets excited each time he sees a bird fly by. The Chirping Bird cat toy makes chirping bird noises when swatted and also includes feathers. The cats really enjoy their feathery cat toys!

Hartz Just For Cats Roll About Mouse Cat Toy

The Roll About Mouse Cat Toy cat toy is filled with catnip. It's made of a sissal body and includes a feathery tail. It rolls on the floor well and even makes fun rattling noises. Roadside loves this little toy and I find him batting it around quite often. Otherwise, he enjoys licking the feathers. 

Hartz Just For Cats Twirl and Whirl Cat Toy

The Twirl and Whirl Cat Toy is a wand toy that is filled with catnip. It features a variety of textures and includes feathers and bells. Callie has actually had one of these cat toy wands in the past and loved it. She's a big fan of the wands. 

Hartz Just For Cats Gone Fishin'

Another wand toy that our cats enjoy is the Gone Fishin' cat toy. It has a long stretchy cord with a pole that can be attached to surfaces. I found that this toy would only stick to glass, so I placed it on our window. Roadside enjoys playing with this one more than Callie does. The fish toy at the end of the wand is filled with catnip.

You can watch Callie and Roadside play with their new cat toys in our video below. 

As with many pet toys, monitor and supervise your cats' play! Throw away toys that have broken pieces.

Bonus Treat: Hartz Delectables SqueezeUp

After a hard day's work of playing with all these new and exciting cat toys, Roadside and Callie have worked up quite the appetite. Thankfully, Hartz also sent us some of their super delicious Delectables SqueezeUp treats. 

These treat come in a small pouch. Just tear the top off and squeeze the treat out. Your cats will lick as you squeeze. My cats absolutely love these treats and come running any time I open a pouch for them. Yum!

What do you think? Would your cat enjoy playing with any of these toys? Let us know in the comments! 


  1. the fishing toy is fabulous... I would like it too :O)))

  2. oh anything on a wand it totes DA BOMB as far as we're concerned! (except Maxie, he's a Red Dot FIEND)

  3. These are all so cute! Unfortunately, old lady Sam doesn't have any interest in toys (she might play with something new one time, and that's it!). My sister's cat loves all toys though, and she usually ends up getting all of Sam's rejects!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


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