Saturday, May 18, 2013

Social Pet Saturday: Sharing Some Love

Happy Saturday everyone! If you're at BlogPaws, I hope you're having a fantastic time and can't wait to hear all about it! Most of you know that I wasn't able to make it this first year of blogging, but maybe next time.

Anyways, on to this edition of Social Pet Saturday. If you don't know what this segment is about, it's just a collection of stuff I've found in the last week that I have found interesting, funny, cute... you get the idea. I've got a big collection of cool stuff for this week's post!

Cute Puppies Alert

Quite recently, I've come across three awesome blogs that star puppies! These guys are new furry bloggers and I'm sure they'd appreciate it if you stopped by and said hello. 

First is Alfie, a precious beagle puppy who lives in the UK. He graciously awarded Pawsitively Pets with the Sunshine Award this week and says the following about the blogs he passed the award onto:
"All the blogs I have chosen are ones who inspired me to start Life as Alfie so I would like to thank them!"

I am so honored - thank you Alfie! Here's one of Alfie's cute YouTube videos. Be sure to visit his blog for more adorable-ness!

The other super cute puppy's name is Cadwaladr and he is an adorable Welsh Corgi also from the UK. His new blog is called "The Odyssey of Cadwaladr" and he goes on great adventures all the time. Stop by and say hello!

Cute little Cadwaladr! 

Finally, there is a super cool Chihuahua named Max who has a blog called "All About Max". OK, so Max *technically* isn't a puppy but I know he's one at heart! Plus, he's really awesome and has lots of fun adventures with his mom.

Thanks Max for letting me share your super cute face! 

Max gave me this very cool Versatile Blogger Award - thank you Max! Be sure to stop by Max's place and say hello!

My Favorite Mother's Day Post

Last Sunday was Mother's Day, and there were a lot of great Mother's Day posts all over Blogville. One of my favorite's was from WritetoWag - Trevor the Cairn Terrier's blog. Here's an excerpt from my favorite part of the post - 
"Sometimes I truly think that’s why God gave dogs four legs…How else are they gonna carry all that love?"
You can stop by Trevor's blog and read the full post here.

I Love Helping! 

Yep, I do! You may hear me talk about The Kitty Kanteen Feral Cat & Kitten Rescue sometimes. This is a Facebook page run by a woman named Charmaine Davey. She does so much to help out her local feral cat colony and she was one of the first people I ever interviewed at Pawsitively Pets. 

Lately, on her Facebook page she's been writing a segment titled "The Grable Report" much like a blog. A while back I asked her if she were interested in starting her own blog. Well, the time has finally come and she is a new member of the pet blogosphere. She asked me what the pet blogosphere was, and while I tried to explain it I told her she would just need to experience it for herself. 

I know Charmaine and her cat Grable would be very grateful if you stopped by their new blog - "The Grable Report" and welcomed them to the world of pet blogging! I was able to help her design her entire blog and give her some tips to get started with. Here's the header I created for The Grable Report.

Dogs Watch TV Too

I came across this video through a connection on Twitter the other day and thought it was hilarious. This dog is watching some TV and is just SO into it... you'll see what I mean. Any other doggy friends out there watch TV like this?

Rodent Couture

Yesterday, Molly the Wally dedicated one of her posts to Miss Nibblet. She shared some very fashionable guinea pigs. We got to thinking that maybe Molly and the rest of you might like to see what Nibblet looks like when she's wearing her finest attire. So here you go! ;)

Always wear a helmet when doing dangerous stuff. 

This shiny gold cape really accentuates Nibblet's fur. 

How do I look in Princess Belle's dress?

That should do it for this week's Social Pet Saturday. Oh and if you haven't heard, we are having a giveaway to win some tasty KONG Treats right now. You can enter the giveaway here if you haven't yet. Good luck!


  1. Wow Nibblet looks fabulous darling. Air kiss....air kiss. Congratulations on your awards. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. What a round up! Lots of links to follow and check out :-) Congrats on your awards and thanks for letting me know about these new bloggers. And... yes, my pups watch TV. Rudy and Jeffie like nature shows, but Rosie likes all kinds of stuff :-)

    1. That's so funny... Shiner could care less about the TV lol.

  3. Thanks Ann that was too sweet of you! We enjoyed checking out the other blogs too and joined up. That video of the pup watching tv was cute too! I still say you need to get Nibblet at least 1 outfit to pose in :) ...gosh, only you could get me to start liking a Nibblet creature...but Nibblet has been slowly but surely getting to me :) Who knew?! Thanks so much Ann!

    1. Lol - glad she's growing on you. She is impossible to put clothes on so we may just stick to the "virtual dress up" thing with her!

  4. Nibblet's lovely, congratulations on your award and introducing me to new bloggers.


  5. Looking good Nibblet! Congrats on the awards!

  6. Oh no, Nibblet in clothes is just way too much cuteness!! Now she just needs a fancy motorcycle to go with that pawsome helmet :)

    1. Lol, I bet I could find something in Lily's room... making her sit on it would be another thing....

  7. Niblet is a diva dahlink!!! lol Thanks for introducing some new bloggers. When I started blogging about a hundred years ago, there was no such thing as a pet blogosphere!! x

  8. Niblet looks paawwgus! Thanks for mentioning us! It was no problem giving you the award, can't thank you enough for inspiring me! Have a great weekend :-) x

    1. Thanks Emily and Alfie, you guys are awesome :)

  9. Thank you so much for liking my blog!
    Today I had another adventure! I was attacked by a mummy sheep! I only wanted to play with her lamb! Lol!
    I think Niblet looks very cute in Princess Belle's dress! She just needs a tiny tiara to look completely gorgeous!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Lol - oh no hope you're OK little buddy! I've put some "virtual" crowns on Nibblet before, but I doubt she'd hold still for a real life crown.

  10. What a lovely post. We're in Awww of the photo's and video's. So cute and Trevor is just amazing :)

  11. Congrats on your award. Very fashionable Niblet!


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