Friday, February 21, 2014

How to Make a Ferret Yawn

Yawning is contagious sometimes. And it seems like once you start, it's hard to stop! One critter that does a lot of yawning are ferrets. And actually, it is very easy to elicit a few big yawns from them. You can actually make them yawn. Want to know how?

It's really very simple. To make a ferret yawn, you just have to hold them by their scruff. For whatever reason, this makes them very relaxed and their body sort of goes limp. Then the yawning begins. This is how we held ferrets that needed to be examined or have other things done to them at the veterinary clinic where I worked.

Photo via Aditya Gaddam

Here's a video of a ferret yawning while being scruffed. (There are some really cute little rats in the background too!)

Pretty cute, huh? I am not sure why scruffing a ferret makes them yawn. According to Dr. Foster and Smith, scruffing a ferret the right way is much like the way their mother would carry them around and/or discipline them if they are being naughty. They recommend only scruffing for disciplinary purposes or for grooming and medical care. 

Here's another video of a cute ferret yawning for your viewing pleasure. This one isn't being scruffed, but is just really relaxed. Had to share this one too because I think he might just be one of the biggest ferrets I have ever seen! 

My apologies if you are ready for a nap now! 


  1. That's handy. Too bad it doesn't work for brown dawgs. :)

  2. they knead sum trout in ther dietz ta keep em yawn free !!!

  3. Cute! If I'm ever in a situation where I need to make a ferret yawn, I'll remember that! My initial answer would have been "Read him Moby Dick."

  4. Great, now I'm sleepy! BOL!! Those videos are so cute. They both looked sooooo relaxed. Thanks for the giggles and awwww's.

  5. OMC! I'm so glad we came back to this post!!! SO funny.
    I don't think they could possibly be any cuter!
    ...oh yeah, and now we all need naps here too.

    Glogirly, Katie & Waffles

  6. I am not sure if my post submitted or not, so here I go again. Excellent article! Our Colby (miniature schnauzer) inhales his food in seconds. I often worried about his digestion, but wasn't aware that it could pose serious danger to his health (via bloat).

    Colby and Bella used to eat their meals from a kibble dispenser ball that they would bat around the house, but since having switched to raw food for the most part, it hasn't been much of an option. Thanks for the suggestions! Will be trying a few of them out!

    Mama Paws, Colby & Bella

    1. Oh you must have met my 5 tips to make your dog eat slower post. Thank you! Sounds like the raw diet may prove more challenging when trying to feed slower. Good luck!


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