Friday, February 7, 2014

Nominate Your Favorite Pet Blogs for the 2014 BlogPaws Nose to Nose Awards!

As a pet blogger, it's wonderful to be recognized for the work that we put into our blogs. That's why I love the idea of the BlogPaws Nose to Nose Awards. If you are unfamiliar of the awards, they are basically a way to say "these blogs really have something special" within the niche of pet blogging.

There are 12 categories within the Nose to Nose Awards. Here's a list of all of them:

  • Best Cause Blog
  • Best Dog Blog
  • Best Cat Blog
  • Best Other Pet Blog
  • Best New Pet Blog
  • Best Humor Blog
  • Best Blog Post
  • Best Pet Blog Photo
  • Best Design
  • Best Pet Blog Video
  • Best Pet MicroBlogger
  • Best Use of Social Media by a 501(c)3

ANYONE can nominate a blog for the Nose to Nose Awards. You don't have to be a blogger. All you have to do is fill out a simple form and hit enter. Yep, it's that simple! And you can nominate as many blogs in as many categories as you want to. 

Sometimes, I have trouble nominating blogs because I can't find the information I need for the nominations. For example - names, email addresses, and searching for good blog posts can be tricky when you are subscribed to well over 100 pet blogs. 

That's why I wanted to make it easy for anyone thinking of nominating Pawsitively Pets for the Nose to Nose Awards. And, if you do we would surely appreciate it! There are so many great pet blogs out there that just being nominated would really honor us. And who knows? Maybe we can even be a finalist. 

Here is the information you will need to nominate Pawsitively Pets - 
  • Homepage -
  • Contact name - Ann Staub
  • Contact email -

Best Blog Post

Here are some of our favorite blog posts. Maybe they are some of your favorites too. It was really hard to just choose a few, so if you think of another one you liked better please feel free to nominate it. There is a search bar in the right sidebar if you need to search for a particular post. 

I Painted My Dog to Look Like a Tiger with PetPaint

Best Pet Blog Photo

I feel like the photography displayed on Pawsitively Pets has really improved over the last year. Here are some of my favorite photos along with the link you will need to nominate them with. If you don't see the one you'd like to nominate, you can also send an email and I can find it for you if needed. 

Again, we would appreciate being nominated if you think we deserve it. And I know there are tons of other pet bloggers out there who would love to be nominated for the 2014 BlogPaws Nose to Nose Awards as well! So get busy and show your appreciation for your favorite pet bloggers by nominating them! The last day for nominations is Wednesday, February 12th


  1. This is such a wonderful idea for a post!!! I wish I would have thought of this. I was told by a gentlemen at the VA hospital that if you want an award to nominate yourself, as that is how you do it in the milatary. I thought well that is a good idea, but I still can't bring myself up to it :)

    1. I am the same way! I wonder why that is? Oh well =/

  2. de best oh fishes two ewe ann...N shiner....:) we haz nominated yur blog ...mite of even nominated ewe for prezident...wait N see !!!

    1. Thanks kittehs! Prezident is a big job, I had better get to work...

  3. Your blog is top notch and very classy...I hope you win!!!

    1. It's an ambitious thought, but it would be nice :)

  4. I figured it was easier to nominate myself than do what you just did! Good job and good luck! And I did like the one where you painted (poor) Shiner! Love Dolly

    1. You are probably right Dolly! I was torn between the two options. But this way, maybe it will remind others to nominate their favorites.


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