Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Artisan Crafted Small Batch Cat Food #InspiredbyCrafted

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As people's expectations of the food they eat change, they might begin to want the same quality levels of meals for their pets. Fresh, home cooked food made with healthy and wholesome ingredients. People love their pets and they want to ensure that their food is being prepared with the same care and attention to detail they use when they prepare meals for their own human families.

Along with the preparation of your pet's food, the ingredients that go into the food are important too. People care about ingredients. Their understanding of ingredients and expectations are constantly evolving. As a pet owner's thoughts and expectations about ingredients they eat themselves change, they will begin to expect the same quality ingredients for their pets.

When I first heard about the new Hill's® Ideal Balance  Crafted artisan crafted cat food, I knew I wanted Callie to try it. In its development of Ideal Balance Crafted, Hill's considered the rise of popularity in human foods that are less processed and made in small batches. Hill's is taking this trend to the pet food level!

Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted uses the same ingredients you might find in the high-end, healthy foods that you eat yourself. The pet food includes novel protein sources from sources like trout, salmon, tuna, roasted beef, and slow cooked chicken. Other high-end ingredients include quinoa, barley, sweet potatoes, peas, and buckwheat.

Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted uses an innovative slow cooking process for their cat products. They also have a new unique shape designed for picky felines. This innovation is the result of many years of Hill's research with pets. This research has helped with the understanding of how important texture and shape is in relation to palatability of cat food.

Here's a quick summary of the benefits of Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted. These are some of the reasons why we like it:

  • Made in small batches, to ensure quality and consistency. 
  • Made with natural ingredients that are perfectly balanced. 
  • 100% Balanced Nutrition Guaranteed or your money back. 
  • Made in the USA!
  • No wheat, corn, or soy ingredients. 
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. 
  • Available in grain-free formulas. 
Callie has been enjoying her new artisan crafted cat food quite a bit! Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted cat food is currently available at PetSmart and Amazon. And you should be able to find it at other pet specialty retailers very soon, so keep your eyes open!

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If your cat could eat artisan crafted, small batch prepared food every day, what flavor do you think they'd enjoy the most? 


  1. Wow, sounds great!!! I think my kitties would like Roasted Tuna and Vegetable melody.....or maybe that's the one I would like! hahahaha!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  2. Sounds like a great high quality food.

  3. can I be a honorable cat please? I love food with tuna...and this one looks like a tuna-dream :o)
    easy rider

  4. That food sounds yummy and healthy ! Purrs

  5. I think Callie is going to be one spoiled kitty ;) She has you wrapped around her little paws!

  6. callie...thanx for thiz ree view !!! N we will keep R eyez open for thiz N purrhaps give it a try...it looks veree good...we tried ta take sum frum de bowl....bonk....ooopz...that bowl iz just a fotoz !! ♥♥♥

  7. I am looking for a new kibble for my cats and this one seems like it fits all my qualifications. Do you offer any samples to see how they like it?

    1. Hi Verna, I do not have any samples to share at this time unfortunately. There should be a nice coupon I'll be posting within the next month or so though!

  8. This sounds like some good foods! We'll hafta check it out.

  9. Sounds like a great foodable. Have a wonderful Wednesday
    Best wishes Molly


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