Friday, April 17, 2015

Pawsome Pets of the Week - Cinco and Manna

This week, we have a very entertaining pair of felines to share with you all. They are fursiblings - brother and sister - and they are here to claim their titles as Pawsome Pets of the Week! Let me introduce to you Cinco and Manna!

Now, usually I will write these exclusive pet interviews out in my voice. But, Cinco and Manna are so lively, entertaining, and they certainly have lots to meow about, so I'm going to let them completely take over with the full dialog of our intermew... err, I mean interview. So without further adieu, please welcome Cinco and Manna to the blog!

What is your name, age, sex, and breed?

Cinco: “My name is...”
Manna: “I'm Manna! I am 7 years old, but I'll be 8 in June. The veterinarian says that I'm an American Shorthair, but my Grandpa, who found me when I was abandoned as a kitten, says that I'm a TrailerParkus Mongrolis.”
Cinco: “Now if I'm done being so rudely interrupted by my little sisfur, my name is Cinco. I'm 9 years old and I am an American Shorthair as well.”

What makes you a pawsome pet? 

Manna: “I think you mean, what doesn't make me a pawsome pet. I'm pawsome all the way around! I'm cute, I'm a great hunter, I purr A LOT, and my Daddy says that I'm too smart for my own good. People love me and I love them too!”


Cinco: “Manna thinks she is the only pawsome one. I'm pawsome too! I love my people. I'm a total Momma's boy and not afraid to say it.”
Manna: “So your pawsome quality is that you're clingy, Cinco?”
Cinco: “I'm not clingy! I'm loyal!”
Manna: “That's just a fancy way of saying that you hide whenever people other than Mommy and Daddy are around.”
Cinco: “So I happen to have very exclusive taste in humans. That doesn't make you more pawsome than me. You didn't mention that you're bossy!”

What is your favorite activity? 

“I love to play! I will play with anything, anywhere. My favorite is when Daddy wrestles with me. If Daddy sits on the floor or holds his hand like we're going to wrestle, I come running!”
Cinco: “I'm playful too! I love it when Mommy plays games with me. My favorite toy is my banana. I also love to nap in Mommy's lap. Whenever she sits down, I'm there within seconds.”

What is your favorite food or treat? 

Cinco and Manna:
Cinco: “I love Weruva and Max Cat and Fancy Feast...”
Manna: “...And Temptations! I will do anything for Temptations.”
Cinco: “Those freeze dried raw treats are good too!”
Manna: “Sometimes I can talk Mommy and Daddy into sharing some of their yummy food too.”
Cinco: “OMC! Bacon! There is nothing quite like bacon.”
Manna: “Don't forget cheese, Cinco! Fresh cheese is yummy in the tummy.”

Do you have any special abilities? 

“We don't do any 'tricks' per say, but we do some pretty amazing things when we have the zoomies! You should see us jump!”
Cinco: “We also have the power of the purr. Mommy says that we make her feel better with our purr therapy. We've helped her through some really bad periods of depression.”

Where are you from and where do you live now?

“Detroit pride! Woo! Go Tigers! Go Lions! Yay!!!”
Cinco: “Don't forget the Red Wings, Manna! Daddy loves the Red Wings”
Manna: “Go Red Wings even though you are not kitties!”

Cinco: “Anyway, we live just north of Detroit, Michigan. We have moved 3 times, but we are still in the same area.”

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

“ I love that I am the boss. Everything has to come through me.”
Cinco: “Haha! I just let you think you're the boss. When you leave the kitchen, I eat the rest of your food.”
Manna: “What?! You're the one that keeps doing that! Ooooh. I am so going to slobber on your banana.”
Cinco: “You wouldn't dare!”
Manna: “I would!”
Cinco: “ I'll tell Mommy.”
Manna: “Are you going to tell everyone your favorite thing about yourself or not?”

Cinco: “I am. Just stay away from my banana! My favorite thing about myself is that I am a studly mancat. I have a purrrfect waist line.”


Do you have any stories or interesting facts about yourself you'd like to share?

“*snort * Manna fell in the toilet once.”
Manna: “Did you really have to bring that up, Cinco? I was just a little kitten. I thought there would be something cool in there.”
Cinco: “It was cool alright – just plain cold! I remember how you were calling for Mommy to come get you out!”
Manna: “Oh yeah, well turn about is fair play. Cinco chases his own tail – and catches it!”
Cinco: “ So! It makes me mad sometimes!”
Manna: “So stop wiggling it!”
Cinco: “Whatever Manna.”

Do you have a blog and/or social media accounts? 

Cinco: “ Our blog is Playful Kitty! Mommy posts our Niptoons (which are kind of like comic strips on Wednesdays) and our funny pictures on Sundays. Sometimes we have her post about us on other days, but we like that she shares all of the things that she learns about us kitties.”
Manna: “We're all over social media! Mommy shares at least one picture of us every day on each channel! Here are our links:

Facebook –
Twitter –
Pinterest –
Instagram –
Google + - 

Special thanks to Cinco, Manna, and their Mom, Robin, who I am sure helped some with the typing of this interview. If you'd like to see more of Cinco and Manna's antics, be sure to visit their blog or social media accounts!

And be sure to stop by next Friday to meet a new Pawsome Pet of the Week! Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh Cinco and Manna are totally pawesome! And they have a super paw for food, I like chicken too :o)
    easy rider

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Cinco and Manna rock! I love the picture where Cinco seems to be posing. So cool :)

  4. Hey those are a couple of my 2 favorite kitties!!!
    btw - I meant to ask you this a while ago, but how do you get to be the featured pet here? I think my sibe's would love to be a part of your blog if we could? :)
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. I'll put your name on the list Jenna and email you. :)

  5. I can see why you let them take over the intermew! Too funny!

  6. A couple of cool cats, great interview!

  7. We love Cinco and Manna, and their blog ! That's great to be featured on your blog ! Purrs

  8. Just so sweet and funny. Nice for you to introduce them to us. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. At first glance we thought it was Cinco de Mayo a bit early! We know them. A couple of nice kitties.

  10. Dang, they are pretty cool and quite the lookers too!

  11. We love Cinco & Manna & Mom Robin! Great interview - they are too funny!

  12. What a great interview of Cinco and Manna!

  13. We love Cinco and Manna! And their Mom, too! It was so nice learning about them, so thanks for choosing them as your Pawsome Pets of the Week!

  14. I love these too cheeky Kitties,xx Speedy

  15. OMC! We LOVE LOVE LOVE Cinco and Manna! They make us laugh so hard. ♥ Thank you for sharing more of their silliness!

  16. Now these are two fun kitties! And adorable too!

  17. These are two cats that I love to read about! Wonderful selection for the pawsome pet of the week.


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