Tuesday, May 5, 2015

5 Reasons Why Shiner Loves Chicken Sausage

Shiner loves to eat. Truth be told, she would eat just about anything she can get her paws on. Especially if it's meat. Still, I can tell when she thinks something is extra tantalizing to her taste buds.

Shiner's friends at Spot Farms sent her a bag of their Chicken Apple Sausage Jerky to taste. You may remember that these were the snacks and garnish we used for our recent PAWgarita pet-friendly cocktail recipe. (Every good cocktail needs a tasty snack to go along with it after all.)

In the past, Shiner has tried Spot Farms Chicken Jerky and loved it. You can read her review about those dog treats here, if you so please. For today, we are sharing 5 reasons why Shiner loves her Spot Farms Chicken Apple Sausage dog treats.

1. Meat

First of all, these treats are made of meat. Meaty treats are a real winner in Shiner's book and always get extra bonus points. 

So what makes the meat in Spot Farms Chicken Apple Sausage dog treats special? They are made from antibiotic-free chickens that are raised on family farms in Kentucky. 

2. Perfect Size

If it were up to the dog, she would probably just eat the whole bag of these things. Since I won't allow that, Shiner thinks these treats are a reasonable size. They are just the right size to fulfill her craving for meat and tide her over until dinner time. Not too small, and not too big.

3. All Natural 

Meat? No, Shiner. We already talked about meat... that was #1. Another reason why we like these treats is that they contain NO artificial flavors or preservatives. That means all their flavor comes from chicken (aka meat), honey, and natural flavor. 

4. Lots of Treats

Shiner seems to be concerned that we are going to run out of these treats soon. She may be right with as much as she loves eating them. Still, we are both pleased with the amount of treats that come in a bag. That means more treats for Shiner to enjoy. Spot Farms Chicken Apple Sausage dog treats come in 12.5 oz and 6 oz bags. 

5. Tasty!

Of course, we can't forget the most important thing about these dog treats - they are TASTY! Shiner's mouth starts watering every time I reach for the bag. 

Has your dog tried Spot Farms yet? What's their favorite flavor? 

Spot Farms sent us a bag of their Chicken Apple Sausage dog treats at no cost to us. Pawsitively Pets only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Spot Farms is not responsible for the content of this article. This post contains affiliate links. 


  1. we made your pawgarita today... I've got it with turkey breast decoration :o) Happy Cinco de Mayo!!
    easy rider

    1. Awesome Easy! I hope you enjoyed as much as Shiner did, but I'm sure you did :) Turkey breast sounds divine!

  2. Oh I like the sound of these!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. Great review! Sounds like they are worth checking out.

  4. Tell Shiner I ain't mad at her! I like chicken sausage too! LOL

  5. They look amazing! If they taste half as good as they look I know I would love them too!

  6. Spot Farms are the best ever and I need to get me some of that sausage Shiner! Love Dolly

  7. I won't lie. I was slightly hoping all 5 reasons would me "Meat" just for the humor. I know those are Luna's top 5 reasons.
    -Jessica from Beagles & Bargains

  8. That was a very yummy review Shiner!

  9. I love how these treats look like real slices of sausage....I guess because they pretty much are!

  10. I love dog treats that look appetizing to ME, I can't imagine how yummy they look and smell to a dog. Meaty, high-value treats are the best!

  11. I love the Pawgarita LOL! I am going to pick up my puppy the first week in August so I have been researching all the best brands. I will definitely look for these if Shiner likes them! Is there a specific brand you would recommend for puppy food?

    1. Thank you! And congrats :) Fortunately, there are a lot of dog food options available today. Depending on your budget, and the type of food you'd like to feed I have a lot of brand recommendations... high quality, human grade foods - Bravo and Honest Kitchen... kibble - Natural Balance, PurinaOne, Just Right by Purina, Hill's, Nutrience, Merrick, Only Natural Pet brand... they are all different, and have different levels of quality I think. Which is nice to find one that works for you. I've tried them all and my dog did well on them. If I had to buy one right now based on my budget and which one I like the most, it might be Only Natural Pet Powerfood.


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