Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Meet the Neigh-bor

Just a couple of months ago, a new neigh-bor moved into the field behind our house. 

Before our horse neigh-bor, there were two big longhorns living there. This horse is so fun to watch! She runs around really fast and I always catch a glimpse of her having a good time out my window while I work. 

Do you have any interesting neigh-bors like ours? Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Wow, so gorgeous!!!! I love horses!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  2. That looks like it would be a very pleasant break from work indeed.

  3. Awesome! :) I would be watching her all the time!

    Jenny & Storm

  4. guys...yur new naybor iz way kewl ~~~~~~~ waves ~~~~~~~ hello two ewe ponee !!

  5. What a beautiful Neigh-bor! I bet it is great to get to see her out of your window :) Even though I live in the city, there is a horse farm/rescue around the block from me (I could walk there easily). I love getting to see my neigh-bors every time I drive in that direction. One of these days I have to get some photos of them.

    1. Oh you should! I am surprised I didn't take this one's picture sooner actually. I should put my zoom lens on one day while she's running around and see if I can get any good pictures. I just hope my neighbors don't think I'm weird haha!

  6. What a gorgeous horse! We don't have any neighbors that are so beautiful.

  7. I've never seen a horse, only birds, squirrels, a raccoon, and the neighbors dogs. It must be fun to watch her romp around the field.

  8. horses are such beautiful animals, they have the most gorgeous and sensitive eyes.

  9. Oh I wish I had such a neigh-bor too... maybe the two dunkey will turn into a horse once... like your longhorns?
    easy rider

  10. Such a pretty horse; we've got 4 that live right next door. Luckily Laika's used to them now so it's not "grrr" every time they make a noise or run around. Though she did jump the electric fence last year and chase them :( No one was hurt but it was a bit scary to say the least.


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