Friday, July 3, 2015

Pawsome Pet of the Week - Chloe Kardoggian

Welcome back for another edition of Pawsome Pet of the Week! This week, we are sharing an adorable Chihuahua superstar named Chloe Kardoggian. Chloe has an impressive following on Instagram at nearly 40,000 fans. Chloe says that she is only 11 years young and is just a girl dog living out her dreams. She had a rough start in life. Here's Chloe's story:

"I was born in Florida but eventually moved up to New Jersey. When I went to my new human’s home we were living in NYC and I really felt like I was living the dream (girl with a rough start comes to the big city and makes her dreams reality) but now we’re back in Jersey across from Lower Manhattan where I still see the city lights out my window and get there as much as possible for events. At heart, I’m really a glamorous city pup and hope to be back in NYC full time soon.
 When I was bought by my first human she named me Hobbit – clearly not glamorous enough for me! When she gave me away because I was too small for breeding, I was renamed Chloe by my next family, which I find much more suitable. I lived with various members of that family for a number of years, but when they could no longer keep me, I went to my new human and this is my FINAL family. Wherever this human goes, she promises I’ll be right by her side. I started my Instagram to keep my last family up to date on my new adventures and I had so much fun with it that it really just took on a life of its own. Now I have nearly 40,000 followers and get to help rescue other dogs in need, just like I was. And also I try to be a great advocate for Chihuahuas – who are just as high in numbers at shelters as our beloved Pitbull friends are." 
As I do with every Pawsome Pet that I interview here, I asked Chloe Kardoggian what makes her extra special. What makes her a Pawsome Pet?
"I’m 3.75 pounds of sweetness and fearlessness, despite being shuffled through numerous homes in my life. I adore everyone I meet and love snuggles, giving kisses, and helping dogs in need."

Chloe Kardoggian claims that her favorite activity is "snuggling with her human" and giving her kisses. Her happy place is sitting on her human's shoulders. Chloe says she could "sit there for hours". And like any fine glamorous lady dog, Chloe has a taste for scrumptious food. She only has 2 teeth, but says it does not stop her from eating her favorite treats which are pizza crust, popcorn, and anything with cheese.

Chloe also has a couple of special abilities.
"I’m an aspiring DJ – I can really mix some sick beats when I get going. I’m also an AMAZING dancerTruth be told, there’s nothing I’m not amazing at – I am really a gift to all who know me."
Here's an Instagram video of Chloe mixing some of her "sick beats". Love it! We want to know when her album comes out!

As a glamorous city pup, it's a good thing to have confidence too. I wanted to know what Chloe's favorite thing about herself is, so I asked.
"What ISN’T my favorite thing about myself? I’M PAWESOME!!! I’m beautiful, funny, smart, loved, and totally in love with life!"
Pawsome indeed! And loving the good life as she should be. You can follow Chloe's adventures on Instagram @chloekardoggian. She's also on Facebook and Twitter. Stop by, give her a high paw, and let her know just how pawsome you think she is!

Special thanks to Chloe Kardoggian for graciously taking time from her busy schedule for this interview!

We hope you all have a safe and exciting Holiday weekend! Be sure to stop by next week for a new Pawsome Pet of the Week! 


  1. You have had quite a life so far but I'm glad you really have a permanent home finally. My sisters and I can't imagine having to find a new home.

  2. Awww what a cutie!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. She definitely is pawesome! We're going to follow her.

  4. She definitely is pawesome! We're going to follow her.

  5. Thanks for the introduction, I had never met or heard of Chloe before!

  6. How cute is she! I love that big floppy tongue :) It was great to learn more about her.

  7. Boy, that dog is full of herself. I’m glad I’m not like that. She does mix some sick beats. Sounds like she’s in my old hood, JC.

  8. OMD how cute do you think the real Chloe knows she exists? Snicker. Love Dolly


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