Friday, November 27, 2015

2015 Favorites Pet Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

As a Pet Blogger, I am fortunate to be able to try out many different pet products to share with my readers. I enjoy being able to share things that may help make the lives of pets and their people easier, more fun, and better.


This Pet Lovers Holiday Gift Guide is a list that I've compiled from some of our favorite things that we've tried in 2015. Most of them are things that I've shared here at Pawsitively Pets this year. This is a list that I created all on my own, and none of the brands were asked to be included on the list. In fact, most probably don't even know I've made this Holiday Gift Guide.

I've check all of the items on this list for Holiday sales they me be having as well and included any information I could find for discounts. Many of the codes and sales may have expiration dates of which I have no control over. Happy shopping!
This post contains some affiliate links! We make a commission from any sales made through these links. 

Pet Treats

Treats for dogs and cats make an excellent stocking stuffer! And most pets LOVE treats, so picking up a bag is never a bad idea. These are some of our favorite pet treats that we've tried this year. 

  1. Bravo Freeze-Dried Cat Treats - Our cat goes CRAZY for these! She has tried both the Chicken Breast and Turkey flavors. 
  2. Spot Farms Chicken Apple Sausage - These are one of our dog's favorite meaty treats! (These are on sale at Amazon - Reg. Price - $17.99; Sale Price - $13.59)
  3. Trusty Tails Treat Kitchen - One of the newest treats we've tried, Trusty Tails dog treats come in 3 flavors and are a healthy treat choice for dogs. 
  4. One Dog Organic Bakery - These treats are amazing AND healthy! Not only does the dog enjoy them, but the pet rats like them too. Save 12% OFF with our exclusive discount code: REINDEER12 
  5. Dry Roasted Duck Strips pawTreats - These delicious dog treats are made with only 2 ingredients. 

Pet Toys

Just like human kids, pets love to receive toys as gifts! Here are our favorite pet toys from 2015. 

  1. Martha Stewart Rope Toy - This is one of Shiner's most favorite toys to play with. It's fairly durable for a tough chewer like her. I found them online at PetSmart for $2.47.
  2. Kitty Couch by Feline Be Mine - Our cat's favorite perch for months! This sofa cat scratcher is on sale for Black Friday at Amazon. Regular Price - $69.97; Sale Price - $32.97. 
  3. Kong Knots Dog Toys - Our dog enjoyed her Kong Knots Toy this year. They are unique plush toys with hard knotted ropes on the inside. 
  4. Dawg Grillz BALLZ - A fun dog ball toy for the ball-obsessed dog made in four hilarious designs. Use the code BLACKDAWGFRIDAY to save 25% on your order from their website. 

Other Cool Pet Stuff

This year, I was happy to find a couple of pet products that I absolutely love for "less conventional" pets. This section also includes a few products that didn't fit into any of the other sections of this guide. 

  1. Bonnie & Clyde Wild Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement for Cats and Dogs - Fish oil has tons of health benefits for dogs and cats, and this is a brand we love. Use the code BLACKFRIDAY to save 30% on your order
  2. API 3 Gallon Aquarium Kit - This is an amazing deal from PetSmart and our fish loves his tank. Perfect for Bettas. 
  3. RatPak Monthly Subscription Box - A subscription box made just for small critters! Here's a 15% OFF discount code that I found: RPONEDOG (Because Jack and Gus love One Dog Organic Bakery treats so much, they will make an appearance in an upcoming RatPak box!)
  4. The Mountain Pit Bull T-Shirt - I have this exact same shirt AND I ordered a cat one for my daughter. These are great for animal lovers! 

Stuff on MY Wish List

This is a list of pet-related stuff that I WISH I had. 

  1. Cat Lady Box - This is a monthly subscription box that comes with cat-themed goodies for ladies that like cats. You can have stuff for your cat added as well if you like. I love subscription boxes AND cat stuff! (Which may be all too apparent according to this part of the list...)
  2. Calico Critters - Technically, these are for my youngest daughters. I ordered her a Tuxedo cat family (I'll share a photo later). They are the cutest toys EVER! You can order families of dogs, cats, chipmunks, rabbits, etc. for adorable doll houses that are sold separately. 
  3. Meowgaroo Jumpsuit - These are both hilarious and cute. A cat jumpsuit with a pouch for your cat to sit in. They are imported from Japan, which I'm sure contributes to the high price. 
  4. Cat Ear Headphones from Brookstone - I just think these are cool. :)
Tell us what's on your pet's Holiday Wish List this year in the comments section!


  1. Only one cat gift and one bag of treats? We kitties deserve lots more! When the dog was alive here, she never got any Christmas gifts (cause my human's boyfriend is a lame gift giver and she was his dog), but we cats always got lots of good stuff ('cause my human knows better). I think even Sparkle felt sorry for her.

    1. I agree. I don't know what it is or why, but we just don't get many cat opportunities to try products out. Wish it weren't so though. Of course, Callie also loves the Friskies Party Mix and Delightibles. But, we tried Delightibles last year and I only included things from 2015 on the list.

    2. Oh also - you know those Martha Stewart peeps asked if I'd like some stuff from their Halloween collection? Well, I asked for cat stuff but all they sent over was stuff for dogs :( like the rope toy. Shiner loves it, but I wish Callie got something too!

  2. Could I have number two of the cool stuff..MOL :D Happy Pawkisses for the weekend :) <3

  3. Replies
    1. Yes! I just noticed that it actually has a butt zipper for when nature calls MOL!

  4. Pawesome list....if I ever get my act together and do one this year, I was going to do the same as you....I wasn't going to be telling any of the brands that I was doing how you did it! catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. That's awesome! I was kind of in the same boat... not sure if I was going to do one or not. I just wanted to add some of my favorites from the year. Man these lists are a lot of work though!

  5. Great list. Mom would love to have a Cat Lady Box.

  6. What a pawsome list of toys, treats and other cool stuff! We love the scratcher couch.

  7. That is a pretty darn cool collection of goodies, but those cat ear headphones are something!!!

  8. That is some super stuff!
    Have a wonderful Sunday...

    Noodle and crew

  9. The scratcher couch looks great, and the headphones made us MOL! :)

  10. I remember having toys similar to the Calico Critters when I was little, 30 years ago. I loved them!

    1. They Calico Critters are so cute! They are not as "modern" as some of the other toys I see today. There is something kind of "old timey" about them that I love.


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