Thursday, January 14, 2016

Caring for Your Dog's Dry Winter Skin With #BayerExpertCare

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This winter season has been tough on our dog's skin. I have the urge to bathe her more frequently to try and help with her dry, itchy skin, but have heard this can actually be a bad thing during the winter. Bathing can strip the natural oils on a dog's skin and cause more irritation. Especially if your dog already has sensitive skin.

Caring for your dog's dry winter skin with #BayerExpertCare

Instead of more frequent baths this winter, I've decided to take a different approach to care for the dog's dry winter skin. I bathe Shiner as much as I would normally, but in between baths I am also using Bayer® ExpertCare Spot-On Skin Moisturizer.

I discovered this product on the shelves at PetSmart in the Health & Wellness section and have actually never seen anything like it before. I never knew that there was a topical moisturizer available for dogs.
#BayerExpertCare Spot-On Moisturizer is specially formulated for dogs

Bayer ExpertCare Spot-On Skin Moisturizer is specially formulated for dogs with essential fatty acids to help support skin hydration. It's quick and convenient to apply to your dog and can help maintain a full, healthy coat and supports coat shine.

According to the directions on the box, I need to apply one pipette to Shiner's neck and back area starting at once a week for two months. After this initial time period, I can apply Bayer ExpertCare Spot-On Moisturizer once every two weeks for maintenance.

It's just like applying a topical flea medication, so if you are familiar with doing that this goes on very easily. It's recommended that you don't bathe your dog for at least two days before and after applying this product to your dog.

Topical skin moisturizer from #BayerExpertCare is available at PetSmart

This specially formulated skin moisturizer for dogs leaves a streak on Shiner's back for a few hours, but then disappears fairly quickly. It also has a strong scent which dissipates within a few hours. The scent isn't a bad one in my opinion. It just smells like fresh evergreen trees or mint to me. The scent does not seem to bother Shiner either.

What I've noticed after using Bayer ExpertCare Spot-On Skin Moisturizer with my dog is that her fur does seem thicker, shinier, and softer, especially near the areas that it was applied.

Like I mentioned above, this winter has been tough on Shiner's dry skin. It can be challenging to keep up caring for her dry winter skin, but this product definitely makes things easier for us. I can totally handle a once a week application.

Caring for dog's dry winter skin with a topical moisturizer

And for times that I catch her licking or scratching herself (particularly her feet right now) I use Bayer ExpertCare Itch Relief Spray that is specially formulated for dogs. You can read my previous review on that product here.

This year, our plan for tackling the dog's dry winter skin is limited, but regular soothing baths, Bayer ExpertCare Spot-On Skin Moisturizer in between baths, and Bayer ExpertCare Itch Relief Spray for itchy feet.
#BayerExpertCare Health & Wellness products can be found at PetSmart
If your dog could use some skin care help, you should visit your local PetSmart and check out the selection of Bayer ExpertCare skin care products specially formulated for dogs and cats. Or you can visit PetSmart online.

How do you help care for your dog's dry winter skin? 


  1. that's a super helpful treatment, I would like it for Easy, bet it's pawfect for winter :o)

  2. We tried this spot on and had a great result with it. We also brush daily and keep the oils stimulated that way.

    1. That's a good idea too, but I don't brush Shiner too often. Probably because she has super short fur, but she still likes it occasionally.

  3. How nice to have found something that helps Shiner's dryness & itchiness. I can see where that would be a challenge even more so in the winter.

  4. That's a terrific idea. Our doggies used to get the dry itchies too.

  5. Warm weather during the summer months is playing havoc with Harley lately. I may have to look into these products by Bayer to see if I can give him some relief until he adjusts. Everyone seems to think this is common for dogs upon relocation. Thanks for writing this post.

    1. I agree that it could be common for dogs on relocation. We had many dogs who had moved to Austin that acquired allergies afterwards. Of course, that happens to humans who move here too. It's like allergy capital down here or something.

  6. I never heard of anything like this, very interesting! We haven't had a lot of winter skin issues around here, but this is great to know about just in case.

  7. We soooo wish they hadn't discontinued the cat version of this!!!!

    1. Oh did they? I am going to check PetSmart again for some of the cat products. I couldn't find any at the one I visited.


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